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Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist – What To Expect

Children should see a dentist for the first time before their first birthday. They may not even have all their baby teeth at this point, but it is vital for an experienced dentist to inspect your child’s oral health to ensure the teeth will be healthy when they do come in. There are certain things […]

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Avoiding Sugary Snacks for Healthier Teeth

Sugary snacks might taste good, but they’re not very good for your body, especially on your teeth. Those candies, cookies and cakes and other foods with refined sugar that many kids eat between meals will damage the teeth. Kids who eat sugary snacks don’t always brush and floss immediately after and that is where the […]

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Teaching Oral Hygiene and Care to Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that tooth decay is one of the most common and recurring diseases in children ages six to 12, and teenagers ages 12 to 19. In fact, children and young adults are five times more susceptible tooth decay than other illnesses like hay fever and asthma. Children as young as […]

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