About Us

e-Xplorations Marketing Inc. is an integrated marketing services agency based in the Philadelphia region of United States. Our clients tend to be regionally focused businesses looking to grow their business share through various forms of technologically advanced communications. This blog serves as a Blog Marketing tool we leverage for some of these communications.

Search Marketing, off page content development, link building and article marketing are just a few of the tactics used by our organization to help our clients optimize their online assets. In addition to this blogging platform, you will find e-xplorations Marketing adding value to the global web community with quality content positioned on a diverse mix of social sharing communities. Content distribution is vital to our success and we ask for your support by sharing these interesting tidbits of information within your own personal communities.

Thank you if you have decided to share our written work with your readers. We have invested our time into the research required to develop quality articles. By you sharing our work with your “Friends & Followers”, we are encouraged to “Press-On”. Feel free to add comments to those articles you found interesting and let us know what social sharing tools you like the best in your comments.