Lighting Up Your Special Events

Every event has its theme. You can make your event become unforgettable by paying extra attention to details. Your lighting and decorations can be one of those details. Marquee letters for events is a trend you should not ignore. You can light up any occasion and make a big, bold statement by including large marquee letters for rent at your next event.

What Are Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are light-equipped letters that are typically 3 to 4 feet tall.

Adding giant marquee letters is a trend that we have seen on the rise for the past five years now. Once lit up, these 4ft marquee letters can  spell out names, sentiments, and your congratulations for the people you are celebrating.

Why Rent Marquee Letters For Your Next Event

Are you looking for unique wedding decoration rentals for your big day? Want to convey a statement at your upcoming business conference? Livening up your venue with these giant letters (and numbers) is a great idea. Here’s why.

They are versatile. You can make just about any word or statement using marquee letters. If you’re planning to propose, rent out a MARRY ME sign. On your wedding day, spruce up your entrance or wedding cake area by adding marquees that spell out your and your partner’s surname. You can also add a hashtag to help with social media posting. 

They add character to your event. What makes every event one-of-a-kind is the level of personalization you incorporated into it. With the help of a wedding décor rental service that rents giant marquee letters in Philadelphia, you can make any occasion uniquely yours. For example, if you’re organizing a business event, you can add these life-size letters on the stage to highlight your brand’s tagline. Depending on the theme of the event, you can go with black marquee letters instead of the usual white ones.

They enhance the mood. Words are powerful. Lights can transform a space. Combine these two, and you get the type of decor that can effortlessly set the atmosphere in your event. A LOVE marquee sign that emits a soft glow can make weddings and anniversaries more whimsical. Putting up CLASS OF [YEAR] in a graduation venue can make the occasion more festive.

They are eye-catching. The very design of these decorations already invites attention. Pair that with their customizability — and your creativity — then you can add a focal point that your attendees will definitely love. This brings us to the next bullet.

They spark social sharing. Weddings, birthdays, graduations. All of these are highly social events. To further encourage attendees to create more buzz about your event, offer something unique, picture-perfect, and social-media worthy. This something can come in the form of giant marquee letters.

They are hassle-free to rent. By Googling “Wedding Rental Service in Bucks County”,  chances are you will find several companies that can deliver your marquee letters rental to Philly, anywhere in Mercer County or to most event locations in southeast Pennsylvania. MarqueeLit Letters will allow you to place your request online and have the letters delivered, set up, and picked up by their crew. Typically, a marquee letter rental business collects the letters on the day after your event.

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