Reasons for Car Accidents and Wreckage in NY

car accidentsThe various car accidents that occur in New York are caused with various reasons. Commonly, these reasons involve the driver such a driver distractions, driver fatigue and drunk driving. Laws on car accidents state that a person who gets into a car accident because of the negligence or recklessness of someone is eligible to receive compensation from the person responsible for it. There are so many cases where the driver is considered negligent.

If another person’s negligence is the reason why you acquired car accident injuries, you have all the right to pursue compensation with the help of a personal injury lawsuit. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that drivers make which can compromise the safety of pedestrians as well as their passengers.

  • Driver impairment. This is the top cause of car wreckages in New York. Driver impairment means that the driver’s ability to run a vehicle has been compromised. This can be because of drugs, alcohol, and other medications. Drivers who are under the influence feel drowsy, have slow reaction time, and have difficulty concentrating, all of which lead to car accidents.
  • Driver distraction.

Reckless driving. Unsafe driving behaviors like rubbernecking and speeding increase the chance of a driver getting himself and his passengers into a car accident. Other kinds of reckless driving behaviors are frequent lane changes, failure to yield, tailgating, and failure to pay attention to stop signs or traffic signals.

  • Driver distractions. The use of mobile phones, car televisions and navigation systems cause drivers to take their eyes off of the road. This diverts their attention from pedestrians, traffic signals, and other motorists. Other examples of driver distractions are reaching for an object in the vehicle, talking with passengers, calming children in the backseat, putting on makeup and eating while driving.

car accidents 2Aside from poor driving, there are also other reasons for car accidents not caused by the driver. The two most common ones are poorly maintained roads and defective products.

  • Poorly maintained roads. Infrequently maintained and poorly designed roads present numerous road hazards to motorists. Shoulder drop offs, lack of signs, uneven pavement and pot holes increase the chances of a driver being involved in a crash. A roadway that does not meet the safety standards required by law may be deemed accountable for the resulting injuries.
  • Defective products. In some cases, a car accident in Mount Vernon is caused by a defective or malfunctioning system within the car. In such instances, the car retailer, distributor or manufacturer will be deemed accountable for the resulting injuries. A personal injury claim in the Bronx which involves faulty car parts are most often caused by defects in the manufacturing such as the design of the brakes, tires or steering mechanisms.

If you or your loved one is injured in an accident, a vehicle accident lawyer in Westchester can help you figure out whether the accident was caused by the recklessness or negligence of the driver. In such cases, the car accident lawyer will tell you that you are eligible to get a car accident settlement in the Bronx court systems to compensate for pain, replace lost wages and cover medical bills.

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