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Finding the Right Health Insurance Plan for You

Through the ObamaCare marketplace, there are four kinds of health insurance plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Sometimes referred to as the “metal plans,” these plans represent four tiers of coverage. Aside from these, people with hardship exceptions and those under 30 can also take advantage of specially designed health plans through the marketplace. These […]

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What Being Licensed and Bonded Means

You might have come across the terms bonded and insured from when you had your home renovated or had your plumbing system worked on. These are actually two kinds of coverage which contractors know a lot about. Contractors are required to undergo a certification process in order to gain license, and they are to secure […]

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What Insurance Brokers Do for You

Owners of homes want to be guaranteed that their homes are protected from fire and natural calamities. Well, they can do certain things like checking electrical wiring for exposed wires, unplugging unused appliances and making sure that outlets are not overloaded. When it comes to natural incidents, they can check their roofs for leaks or […]

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Recreational Vehicles and Insurance Coverage Go Together

A few recreational vehicles (RV’s) function as vehicle and home at the same time. Therefore, it should follow that when you ply the roads on your large motor home, you need vehicle insurance for your protection. How about the smaller types of recreational vehicles that are there to merely provide pleasure? Should they be insured […]

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The Various Workmans Comp Coverage

Workman’s comp coverage usually includes rehabilitation expenses, medical care and disability benefits to make up for wages lost during his leave from work. As such, a person who suffers from an injury related to work can receive benefits from the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. Of course, the injury must fit the criteria covered by the […]

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Comparing Homeowners Insurance for Value

It is a fact that home and contents insurance is a necessity, not just a luxury. A lot of the companies in the US today ask for proof of homeowners’ insurance coverage before they grant home loans or approve real estate financing. The aim is for the company to find the value of the prospect’s […]

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What Items are Covered in a High Quality Property Insurance Policy?

People who own a lot of things that are expensive have to deal with far more risks than those who are not blessed materially. That is why there are various insurance policies that cover different assets. As such, you must take your time to know how to protect your possessions should you fall victim to […]

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