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Dental Sealants Protect Children from the Cookie Monster

The most common location for a cavity to develop in your child’s mouth is on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This is because, unlike the other areas if the teeth, these surfaces aren’t smooth. They’re filled with small grooves called pits and fissures that trap food particles and bacteria. Often the lack of […]

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How Mom & Dad Can Influence Kids Dental Health

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important for good dental health because it allows your dentist to spot early signs of gum disease and tooth decay. However, the steps you take at home are just as important in maintaining a healthy smile. Brushing and flossing correctly, thoroughly and often are the basics of a solid […]

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Avoiding Sugary Snacks for Healthier Teeth

Sugary snacks might taste good, but they’re not very good for your body, especially on your teeth. Those candies, cookies and cakes and other foods with refined sugar that many kids eat between meals will damage the teeth. Kids who eat sugary snacks don’t always brush and floss immediately after and that is where the […]

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Is Too Much Floride a Problem?

Dental fluorosis is a cosmetic condition affecting the teeth that’s caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first years of life. This is the time when most permanent teeth are formed. Once your child’s teeth come out, those affected with fluorosis appear mildly discolored, mostly with lacy white markings only dentists can detect. In severe […]

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Dental Sealants Protect Your Childs Teeth

Dental sealant are a thin, protective coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth – mostly on the back teeth – to help prevent tooth decay. Sealants bond quickly into the grooves and depressions of the teeth, forming a defensive shield over the tooth enamel. Even though thorough flossing and brushing often remove […]

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Fighting Tooth Decay Starts with the First Milk Tooth

As parents, your children’s health and wellness are among your top priorities, but how much attention and care have you really given to their dental health? Tooth decay is very common in children, but this problem is quite manageable. By using fluoride-enriched dental products, as well as dental sealants, your child can develop a stronger […]

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Chipped a Tooth While Playing?

It is normal for young children to fall or trip. Children as young as those in preschool and those in the primary elementary school years will pit their physical abilities with others in the playground and a few will find out that their sense of balance is not yet fully developed in these early years. […]

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Dental Services for Kids

Starting oral and dental care for your kid’s teeth while they are still young is very important in preventing dental problems in the future. As such, brushing and flossing should go hand in hand with visits to the dentist’s clinic. Parents nowadays have much support regarding this matter. There are now many pediatric dentists who […]

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All About Tooth Decay Prevention in Children

Pediatric dentists holding more than 25 years of experience in the field admit that most of the tooth decay problems in children can be prevented. This means that even when there are early signs of tooth decay, many cases in children can still be addressed using minor procedures. As a result, further decay can be […]

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