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Commercial Grime Needs Stronger Cleaners

In the fast-paced environments of restaurants, office buildings, and educational institutions, the floors bear the brunt of constant foot traffic, spills, and grime, far surpassing the wear and tear experienced by residential flooring. From the bustling kitchen floors of a restaurant to the heavily traversed vinyl floors in office hallways, these surfaces demand more than just a casual wipe-down with an ordinary household cleaner. Similarly, the windows of commercial establishments face a perpetual battle against stubborn dirt and streaks that ordinary retail glass cleaners simply can’t handle. Additionally the costs of retail window cleaners and bleach solution for cleaning hard surfaces often prove to be both overpriced and less effective than their high-quality commercial counterparts.

The Need for Heavy-Duty Commercial Cleaning Products

In the commercial cleaning arena, the demand for heavy-duty solutions is palpable. The floors in these high-traffic settings endure a level of abuse that far surpasses what residential floors typically face. Whether it’s the constant foot traffic in restaurant kitchens, the hustle and bustle of office hallways, or the daily activity in educational institutions, these surfaces require a cleaning solution that can effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime without causing damage. This is where a specialized heavy duty commercial floor cleaner comes into play.

Traditional retail floor cleaners often lack the strength and efficacy needed to tackle the stubborn stains and buildup commonly found in commercial settings. They may leave behind residues or fail to penetrate deep enough to lift embedded dirt, leaving floors looking dull and dingy despite repeated cleanings. For restaurant kitchens where hygiene is paramount, or office spaces where cleanliness reflects professionalism, subpar cleaning results are simply not an option.

The Inadequacy of Retail Window Cleaners

Similarly, the struggle against dirt and grime extends to the windows of commercial establishments. While retail glass cleaners may suffice for home use, they often fall short when faced with the challenges of commercial settings. Whether it’s the accumulation of fingerprints and smudges in an office building or the stubborn grime on windows in a food service environment, ordinary glass cleaners may struggle to deliver streak-free results that meet the high standards of cleanliness expected in commercial environments.

Introducing Ameri-Kleen: Made in the USA

Enter Ameri-Kleen, a new line of commercial cleaning products made in the USA proudly manufactured in Garland, Texas. With a commitment to quality and effectiveness, Ameri-Kleen offers a range of blended formulas designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges faced by businesses across various industries.

Ameri-Kleen 1776: An all-purpose cleaner formulated to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks, from countertops to fixtures, with ease.

Ameri-Kleen 1865: A specialized commercial window glass cleaner spray designed to deliver streak-free results on even the most challenging surfaces.

Ameri-Kleen 1836: A heavy-duty floor cleaner engineered to penetrate deep and lift stubborn stains and grime from tile, vinyl, and epoxy flooring.

Ameri-Kleen 2020: A powerful bleach cleaner spray formulated to disinfect and sanitize hard surfaces effectively.

By harnessing the power of these innovative cleaning solutions, businesses can elevate their cleaning regimens to new heights, achieving cleaner, healthier environments for employees, customers, and visitors alike. With Ameri-Kleen, businesses can rest assured that they are investing in quality products that deliver results, all while supporting American manufacturing and industry.

The demands of commercial cleaning require solutions that go beyond what traditional retail products can offer. With Ameri-Kleen, businesses can equip themselves with the tools needed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges effectively, efficiently, and with confidence.

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