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Video Analytics Software and What It’s Used For

Video surveillance gives users the ability to observe and record events that relate to safety, security, operational efficiency, business intelligence and loss prevention. Through video analytics, video surveillance systems are enhanced by performing the tasks of real-time detection, post-event analysis and data extraction with less of the human element than ever before but in many cases, requires a programmer to write rules so the software can differentiate between normal and abnormal behavior. The goal is to improve you surveillance operations effectiveness and response to negative behavior.

OP-Cardroom_monitorsVideo Analytics Software for Detection

A best case scenario is to allow the video analytics software to detect various abnormal events in real-time or as close to real time as possible. This includes penetration of unauthorized vehicles or people into restricted areas; tailgating of vehicles or identifying people in secure areas unattended. Good software will help identify Irregular grouping or crowding situations; traffic obstacles that are out of the normal; catching asset removal from restricted areas and even something simple as unwanted loitering.

Video analytics software requires the user to define a set of events that the surveillance system operation should be alerted to. From here, it will carefully analyze the video in real-time, hopefully providing an immediate alert if a relevant event is detected. Unified video analytics platforms are able to detect a wide range of events that relate to people, vehicles and static objects in as close to real-time as possible. When you layer on a highly advanced artificial intelligence module to help define rules as they happen, you have the ability to detect and alert system users as some of these incidents actually occur.

revolutionaryVideo Analytics Software for Investigation

Analyzing recorded video, one thing that video analytics algorithms can easily perform, is a challenging and time-consuming task for a human operator, especially in instances where a large amount of video has to be reviewed. Rehashing the scene of a crime without analytics software can take hours, days, and weeks and since humans get fatigued, crucial scenes get overlooked. With quick recorded video analysis, video analytic software is able to point out an event in the recorded video and extract relevant video segments from the video.

By using search queries, surveillance system operators are able to define the desired event parameters in a specific segment in a recorded video to help narrow down the amount of video data that has to be reviewed. Depending upon the sophistication of the software, some systems can read and analyze fractions of seconds with an unbiased view and asked to seek out abnormalities the human eye may often miss. This does not replace the need for a human investigator but it will certainly make them muck more effective.

Video Analytics Software for Intelligence

Video analytics algorithms are able to analyze recorded video to get operational and statistical data. Instead of the surveillance system operator manually reviewing the video and notating vehicles and people in a particular area, or seeing which roads are mostly taken, video analytics can automate these tasks. The data and period to be analyzed is defined, and the system gives results after automatically reviewing the video. The operator does not have to perform any manual review.

Video-analyticsThese systems can analyze recorded video so it can do various statistical analysis tasks that relate to cars and people. Such statistical information can be viewed in different formats, including heat maps, motion paths, visual charts and graphs. Important business intelligence anomalies can be reported immediately, so organizations can leverage their surveillance systems and utilize their recorded video to its full use.

The newer forms of intelligent video analytics are so advanced like the Avigilon video analytics software will continue to make security teams much more effective. There is an AI video surveillance company in Philadelphia that can plugin solutions to your existing surveillance camera systems in Bucks County and help you utilize older equipment more effectively.

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