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Video Surveillance for Auto Dealers Needs AI

Are you the manager or owner of a car dealership? Then you need to consider some things when running your businesses. Of coarse the most important goal is maintain profit margins and create customer satisfaction. You also want to prevent theft or any vandalism of your vehicles.. To help deter threats or provide evidence of these acts, use your security cameras and video surveillance systems along with security patrols.

brs-labs-aisight-software-minority-report-tom-cruiseIf you’re considering updating your current video surveillance system in your car dealership, first you need to establish a baseline of information. Check out the crime rate in your area, like vandalism, theft and break-ins at other commercial establishments. Look internally at any potential employee theft. Also determine the rate at which customers enter your business, roam your car lots and leave without getting help. How long do they wait before they are greeted by your salespeople? Know these patterns before installing a new system.

Why do you have to do this? Because you’d want to track how well your new system is doing in preventing vandalism and theft and perhaps identify any customer service challenges that may be present, ultimately increasing your sales and perhaps profit. Read on as we talk about six primary things to monitor with your security cameras in your dealership.

  1. aisight1-275x309Vehicles – Most vulnerable is your inventory, accounting for often millions of dollars’ worth of your investment. Placement of the security camera is important; you have to see the whole lot, showroom and inside service areas. Outdoor cameras have to be vandal and weather-proof. You can put them in weather resistant housings that also protect them from heat.
  2. Parts and inventory – Not that you don’t trust your employees, but installing cameras in your retail counters and stock rooms often helps reduce pilferage. It also serves to prevent against shoplifters. Strategically-positioned cameras can capture burglars on video during break-ins when the dealership is closed.
  3. Employees Performance – Aside from monitoring employees in in the store room, dealerships can also benefit from identifying bottle necks between arrival and hopefully the client driving off in a new vehicle. Service areas can be evaluated to ensure the highest service efficiency. You can also see how other staff members deal with customers and train them when necessary.
  4. Customers – Video analytics can be used to measure the number of customers who viewed a car, or which section brs-labs-liveof the lot is least visited. By studying these trends, you can improve employee and vehicle placement.
  5. Deliveries – Security cameras should be properly position at receiving and shipping areas and you should leverage intelligent video analytics. Loading docks are typically areas of an operation that have a higher risk

Installing video surveillance for auto dealers is very important these days. But security cameras that are not monitored by video analytics software are useless. Using intelligent video analytics like the BRS AISight will help your dealership prevent theft, identify risks and alert security personnel is as close to real time as any product on the market. You may have to upgrade to ip surveillance cameras but this will be well worth the investment.

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