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A Confident Smile: The Power of Cosmetic Gum Surgery


A smile can easily lighten up any moment. But are you confident with your smile? Do you show all those pearly whites when you smile or you just close your mouth because you don’t want people to see your gummy smile?

Did You Just Say Gummy Smile? Funny name for a not so funny condition.

Yes. You have a gummy smile when your gums look larger than your teeth or when they are exposed. The following characteristics can cause a gummy smile:

  • Bruxism – also known as teeth grinding, bruxism is the involuntary clenching of the teeth. It usually occurs while a patient is sleeping deeply. The tops of the teeth are worn down by the grinding action making more of the gums exposed and the teeth appear shorter.
  • Hyperactive Lip Muscles – Results in the lifting of the upper lip. An upper lip ultimately becomes short because of developmental problems or when involuntary spasms are caused by the muscle that controls the upper lip. More of the upper gums will be exposed when someone has either of these conditions.
  • Longer upper jawbone – this causes the gums and upper teeth to be placed lower than the upper lip, revealing more of the upper gums when you smile as a result.

Do you have these characteristics? If you do, cosmetic gum surgery may be the best solution for you.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

To solve a gummy smile problem, a cosmetic gum surgery is needed. Only a qualified cosmetic dental professional should perform this procedure. Gum surgery is different from cosmetic dental surgery in Bucks County. The primary focus of cosmetic gum surgery is to improve the appearance of a smile with procedures like adding veneers or cosmetic crowns. Oral gum surgery on the other hand deals with structural and oral tissue problems by performing procedures on the sinus cavity, mandible and maxilla bones, and the gums. These procedures are much more complex and require the practitioner to have a skilled hand and extensive training with these types of operations.

The Gummy Smile Procedure

A soft-tissue laser is used to remove excessive gum tissue to correct a gummy smile. These specialized dental lasers are also used to cut away excess bone material if there is an excessive bone condition involved.

An oral surgeon in Philadelphia can also deal with a “Long Tooth Smile”. When your teeth seem longer than the usual length, you have a “Long Tooth Smile”. Receding of the gums causing exposure of the root of the teeth and is the usual cause of this condition. The following are among the many causes for a receding gum:

  • Forceful brushing that wears away the enamel at the gum line.
  • The main reason for gum recession is the occurrence of a more complex gum disease. The gum recedes because gum tissue is destroyed by bacterial infections.
  • Lip and tongue piercings have plagued our younger generation today. Unaware of the complications of tongue and lip piercings until gum recession results from the patient changing their mouth movements in an attempt to be more comfortable with the piercings. When the piercings constantly rub against the gums, gum recession is the result.

According to a Philadelphia periodontist, added exposure of the sensitive roots of a patient’s teeth, the following conditions may develop:

  • Tooth loose – Severe gum recession may develop into a loss of the tissue that holds the teeth in place making it easier for your tooth to detach.
  • Temperature Sensitivity Pain – Hot or cold beverages that come in contact with the sensitive root of the teeth can cause excruciating for patients..

Any amount of cosmetic dentistry in the Delaware Valley does not correct a “Long Tooth Smile”.

A procedure that contours, remove, or adds gum tissue in your mouth is classified as Oral gum surgery in Princeton . Highly-specialized dental lasers are commonly the tools used and on occasion, bone grafting is employed to fix a gum line. Don’t take you smile for granted as many struggle with a lack of confidence in their smile. Visit your dentist regularly, keep a good oral hygiene, and keep your teeth clean. That perfect smile can be kept by discussing and practicing good oral hygiene with your dental practitioner.

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