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Inspiration for New Pet Products Often Come from Pet Owners

If you’ve got a furry friend, he’s no doubt a part of your family. The best ideas for a new product come from people like you that are inspired to improve your life, the lives of others and that includes your pets. Think about how you can take better care of your pet by inventing a better mouse trap to what may already exist or to invent a completely new device to hel feed, bath, walk or care for your pet’s well-being. You may have already been inspired by an idea but thought, “That’s impossible to create”. With the help of a product development company, your new pet product ideas can come to life. Not sure how to arrange your thoughts? The following are some ideas to get you started on the right track.

Go On a Walk to Get Inspired

Take your pet on a walk and pay attention to everything your pal does. Does he want to stop at every puddle for a drink? From that simple act, you may be inspired to consider ways your pooch can get a cleaner source of water. Does your pet get anxious from loud noises or other barking animals you encounter? Perhaps some noise cancelling device would be a clever invention you could devise with the help of a new product engineer and some funding.

Playing With Your Pet Can Inspire You

Play with your dog, cat or other animal to see what really gets them excited. If you have a dog that likes to play fetch with a stick, you might consider a new style of launcher for a person that that lacks the strength to throw a stick or ball very far. The best ideas are those that can benefit a large group of pet owners, so we encourage you to consider the marketability of a product. Not every bright idea will be appealing to other pet owners. Cats for example get a thrill from chasing strings. My guess is that inventing a robotic string puller when you’re too tired to play may be a costly investment for the development stages, but the vast majority of cat owners may not find that idea too exciting and invest $20+ to buy one for their cat.

Pet Product Manufacturers are Cleaning Up

The American Pet Products Association estimates that pet owners will spend over $72 billion on products for their pets this year and that number continues to grow every year. Most of that is on pet food and the AAFCO regulates grocery products. But what about devices to help in the feeding and even evacuation of waste products? There has got to be a better way to handle cat litter…or do away with cat litter all together…right? Do you know how many pooper scoopers were sold in the US last year? Does Brooke Miller get a piece of all that action? Pet Life Today lists the top 50 Pet Clean up devices on the market in this article. If Ms. Miller had the right product development company helping her with trademarks, physical design engineering help and manufacturing, chances are she is sitting pretty on a pile of cash for her invention.

The Importance of Having Professionals on Your Side

I didn’t find any company headed up by Brooke Miller for this article, so I am assuming she did not clean up on her pet poop invention. Don’t let that happen to your idea for a new pet product. Not all new product development companies are considered equal and it is important you are guided down the right path by professionals that not only offer you the engineering design services you seek but can help you with the legal aspects of registering trademarks, conducting the market research required and believe in your product design ideas as much as you do. We offer product engineering help to inventors as well as the ins and outs of getting your product manufactured cost effectively. We can guide you on the right people to speak with concerning trademarks and sign a non-disclosure agreement, so your ideas are safe until your product ideas are protected.

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