Developing IoT Projects From Your Home Workshop

The arrival of internet connected devices is considered long overdue by the tech community, but better sensors and faster, larger-capacity bandwidths are now converging to make it a reality in many homes and workspaces.

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Are you curious on how you, the part-time electronic hobbyist, can get started building your own IoT project with a short learning curve? You are in luck. Arduino, an open-source electronics platform and community, is an ideally suited and extremely affordable way to learn IoT development. Websites like Interesting Engineering, The Arduino Projects Hub and trendy sites like Hackster.io invite tinkerers, hobbyists and students to share their projects online.

Get Started on Your New IoT Adventure

IoT is all about connecting the physical world to the cyber world. Digital signal processors collect data from smart devices and use the information to drive responsive activity from a computer “In The Cloud”. For example, you could use certain dev boards for IoT projects to construct devices that measure the amount of light coming in from a window of your house, or control the brightness of a lamp with a dimmer switch via a smartphone to keep the light level in the room consistent. A flood of similarly IoT-equipped appliances and applications are poised to hit the consumer market soon. So if you want a piece of the action from the coming revolution now is the time to try out some of your own connected device ideas.

Lock on to This Affordable Entry Price

Many electronic hobbyists and experts agree that Arduino DIY kits are the best way to get started on developing IoT devices. Arduino sports an intuitive programming language and a robust user community that generously offers support to newbies using the platform. You can run your Arduino projects on Mac, Windows and Linux, therefore no major hardware investments to get started. Learning how to combine programming and electronics hardware to build and test your own IoT projects can be challenging but also rewarding.

Learning how to develop new IoT projects and controlling real-world devices with connected computers is a hobby that can be very exciting, and you are limited only by your imagination. Do not wait for the IoT revolution to pass you by before you start learning how you can get involved. The wave is moving fast, and it is our recommendation you jump on the wave.

Designnotes.com has the best price for Arduino workshop kits and offers several different dev boards for IoT projects. YouTube is loaded with How To videos that are geared toward beginners using Arduino DIY kits and the community on Hackster.io and https://forum.arduino.cc/ are very giving. Today is a good day to get started.

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