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Race Cars on Demand: Classic Ford Racing Performance Cars


Ford’s reputation in street and super stock racing is prompted by the very first 427 Ford Falcon in 1964. Legends like Dick Brannan, Al Joniec, and Phil Bonner who were members of the early Ford Drag team in the mid 1960’s served as inspirations for future Ford Performance enthusiasts. By mid 1965, the Ford Mustang has been on top of the competition. The Torino with the Cobra Jet V-8 was introduced in the late 1960’s. A few 428 Fairlane Cobras rolled off the assembly lines in Detroit. Nowadays, these vehicles are back in the street performance scene equipped with new high performance block engines.

New Crate Engines Need Custom Cooling Systems

Precision crafted Ford racing parts for these street rods are now being equipped in these classic car bodies and new 302 or 351 base engines are installed with it.

Maximize your new short block engine’s potential with these tips:

  1. Proper adapter fittings and fresh radiator hoses will complete the connection to the radiator.
  2. To make sure that you are using new O-rings of the right size for a tight seal, use especially designed AN block adapters. This will also aid you in making that connection to your engine .
  3. Addressing the cooler system with a remotely mounted electric water pump will give you a cooler engine. Additional horsepower is also achieved aside from gaining you space under the hood.

What Is the Billet Aluminum For?

Most enthusiasts recommend precision crafted products by Edelbrock and Holley. A new fuel pressure regulator helps achieve fuel flow control. It also provides maximum tuning for steady fuel pressure between idle and full throttle. Another fact is that installing the right brackets for your fuel regulator helps achieve stability. Carburetor return springs and the clean look of Billet aluminum holding your throttle cables will make your new carburetor visible. Spray some nitrous oxide at the right time while racing on the street and make your opponent eat your dust. Make sure that your fuel solenoid is securely mounted by the brackets for NOS to the engine block. Purchase parts from the same vendor at the same time to ensure tight fittings of parts. You can opt to add a billet shear plate and space plate to ensure that you are building low pressure under the throttle plate.

Follow these recommendations and unveil your new Ford performance engine’s true potential. Because of its horsepower, keeping the engine cool will not be that easy. Sufficient cooling and fuel regulation are the two keys to achieve peak performance. Ordinary after market pressure regulator just won’t do the job. Custom crafted Ford racing parts for your street rod are what you should go for. Brackets for the fuel regulator should be machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The early Ford performance cars like the Mustangs and Fairlane Cobras deserve nothing but the best.

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