Control your Weight after Quitting Cigarette Smoking

quit smokingPeople who smoke will normally report that they do not feel any hunger pangs when they puff away a stick. This is because one of the ingredients in tobacco cigarette called nicotine suppresses the hunger signals of the body. Nicotine is an addictive drug that keeps people hooked on smoking. According to the research done by Yale University, nicotine activates different kinds of receptors in the body. These receptors send signals to the brain that the body is not hungry even if it is. It also speeds up your body’s metabolism even after the first puff of smoke. That is why, most people who smoke do not have much appetite to eat and have low body fat.

So for those people who want to stop smoking, one of their fears is to gain weight after quitting. According to experts, gaining an average of 4 to 10 pounds after smoking is a normal occurrence after stopping the urge to smoke. The nicotine ingredient that keeps appetites in check is not being inhaled by the body anymore so the body gains back its appetite to eat. The few pounds that are gained are normal. The price of getting your life back is worth the few pounds of weight gain. Everyone knows that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. Reducing the risk of getting cancer through cessation of smoking is an even greater reward.

People who stop smoking gain weight the first few weeks after smoking cessation. This is the time the body experiences nicotine withdrawal, which can be equated to hunger pangs. The food can also provide a sense of relief and comfort for ex smokers because food requires chewing. Because of this, oral satisfaction is achieved in the same way a stick of cigarette had done to the ex smoker.
A systematic approach should be followed to control the urge to overeat after smoking cessation. Here are some tools to follow to help control the urges to overeat and thus gain excessive weight:

• Drink more water: Aim for 8 glasses of water a day at the very least. This keeps the body hydrated and feeling full
• Make smart snacking choices: Quitting smoking enhances appetite which can increase the tendency to snack. When substituting food for cigarettes, pick healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, and veggies. Avoid sugar and starches and opt for fat-free and sugarless sweets.
• Be prepared for cigarette cravings: You can have sugarless gum or a cinnamon stick in hand for the expected urges. Urges can be handled with careful planning.
• Lead a healthy lifestyle: Keep up with physical activity and healthy eating. This will be of great help in quitting smoking and trimming the waistline at the same time.
• Use proven methods of successful quitters: Research and statistics show that a combination of support and group therapy, along with nicotine replacement therapy offer the best success in smoking cessation.
• Be ready for challenges: Have the correct mindset and be ready for challenging times. The hardest time will be the first two weeks. Success rates increase after surpassing this time frame.
• Do not give up: If weight begins to creep on at any time, it’s important to stick to the plan and give the metabolism time to level off.

quitsmokingman01This is only a temporary weight gain as the body re-adjusts to being nicotine-free.
So make the decision to stop smoking now. There is no need to worry about weight gain because there are plenty of support and resources to help you out. Kicking the habit of smoking in Hackettstown can be achieved through a great support system. For those who are concerned about weight gain especially women, health care professionals are always available to create healthy diet plans for women in Warren County.

There are a number of Dover NJ Medspas available that can provide a stop smoking cessation plan and healthy diet plans for women in Warren County. They can also provide a more aggressive approach to stop smoking like a laser therapy smoking program. But the best approach is the combination of a stop smoking cessation plan together with a weight management system provided by Dover NJ Medspas. This is a holistic approach that can effectively help individuals to stop smoking altogether and manage weight at the same time.

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