Dental Sealants Protect Against The Sugary Onslaught

As a parent or caregiver, you are probably well aware of the overabundance of sugary treats kids are potentially exposed to each day. From sodas to cakes and candies, sugar is a top ingredient in many of the things children consume daily. There are several things you can do to help kids have healthy smiles even if their diet isn’t as low in sugar as you’d like:

  • Teach children how to brush thoroughly after every meal.
  • Encourage them to floss and keep the areas between teeth cleaner.
  • Set a good example by taking proper care of your own teeth.
  • Get kids accustomed to going to the dentist from an early age.

In fact, during a visit to the dentist, your pediatric dentist or hygienist may fill you in about dental sealants. Children who have recently lost some baby teeth with new permanent teeth are good candidates for dental

Sealants Safeguard Against Acids

When children eat or drink, their teeth are exposed to acidic substances that can contribute to tooth decay. A sealant offers invisible protection, especially on teeth that are hard to clean manually. New permanent teeth are especially vulnerable to cavities, because the enamel is not fully hardened. Over time, the surface of a newly emerged permanent tooth gets stronger, making it less susceptible to cavities.

A Quick and Easy Solution

Sealants are most often applied to the back teeth, and particularly those with deep grooves which are more prone to getting food trapped in them. Although a sealant doesn’t mean your child will be cavity free, it could protect at-risk teeth from developing serious decay.

Parents and children alike usually breathe sighs of relief when they learn that getting sealants is fast and painless. The sealant material is applied to the outside of the tooth, and a dentist may expose the surface to a special light that will activate the hardening process. Furthermore, dental sealants for kids gets applied in an office setting. That usually makes patients more comfortable because they are familiar with the setting.

No Disruption of Normal Activities

The process of applying sealants only takes a few minutes and there is no need to administer laughing gas for kids since the procedure really is painless. Most kids are able to eat foods normally within a couple hours after their appointments. The coating can last up to seven years with a single treatment. So there is no need to go to your pediatric dental office in Levittown numerous times. Consider contacting a pediatric dentist in Ewing NJ if you are located in Mercer County and inquire about this simple but effective measure against cavities caused by sugar and other potentially harmful ingredients.

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