A Pain-Free Way to Lift Your Skin


If you have under eye wrinkles or creases around the cheeks known as nasolabial folds, an aesthetic doctor or a friend would have probably recommended dermal fillers for you. Dermal fillers are a treatment for wrinkles and other skin issues such as scars, and shallow contours. They work by lifting the skin gently and replacing the collagen that may have been depleted in the skin.

Wrinkle Treatments that are Less Invasive

The procedure, while minimally invasive, is usually done through the use of needles supplied with the dermal filler. Bruises, bleeding, and pain are some of the main issues patients complain about when it comes to a procedure that involves several needle punctures. Dermal fillers are no exception. When the micro injections penetrate the surface skin, bruises may occur leaving unsightly marks that discolor the injection site for a few days or even weeks. Some areas are highly vascular and multiple punctures with a sharp needle may nick and damage these small blood vessels as the doctor attempts to fill these wrinkles and contours.

A recent breakthrough technique has patients cheering. Aesthetic doctors can now use fewer injection sites and accomplish superior results with less bruising. Better results and faster recovery from a wrinkle treatment? How you ask? This technique primarily involves the use of cannula.

What is a cannula and how does it work?

A smooth-tip micro cannula is a thin tube with an edge that is blunt or rounded, and is designed for adding dermal fillers such as Botox injections for East Petersburg  patients. Cannulas are most often used to deliver or remove fluid. For dermal fillers, a cannula is used for targeted distribution of the wrinkle fillers to multiple zones from a single point of entry. An accomplished doctor of aesthetic medicine will slide the cannula under the skin using a single injection site, anesthesia is rarely required. The procedures take a little longer but with benefits that are far superior to using multiple injection sites.
Cannula Vs Needles

Here are 5 of the major advantages why you cannula is preferred.

  • Precise administration: Doctors can place the cannula tip with precision to most facial areas without the patient experiencing any discomfort.
  • Fewer Entry Points: The procedure only requires a few entry points, usually between 2 to 4 per session. In most cases, The doctor is able to treat a larger surface area from one puncture site.
  • Reduced Discomfort: Using a cannula to treat a wider area such as nasolabial folds will reduce one’s discomfort during the procedure.  The flexibility of the cannula makes the procedure considerably more tolerable if multiple injects of a filler are what you are use to.
  • Reduced Bruising: The smooth blunt tip design of a cannula removes any chances the botox expert in East Hempfield  will nick small vessels or create any type of trauma. Therefore, reduced bruising, making it easier to treat brown spots on the face in Lancaster  that were previously either too delicate or too hard to reach.
  • Faster Recovery: Since the approach eliminates multiple injection sites and minimizes bruises on the skin, those who receive dermal fillers via the cannula delivery method recover faster.

Nasolabial folds, Lip Enhancements Benefit MostNasolabial Folds

The most common soft tissue fillers administered with a cannula are Radiesse, Perlane and Juvederm. Those seeking a non surgical face lift in Lancaster benefit from the use of a cannula. Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips, cheeks, chin, jawlines, temples, back of hands, and eyebrows are the areas treated most often with dermal fillers and a cannula is a wonderful tool to use in all these areas. If you have had dermal fillers delivered via a cannula or wish to understand this less invasive way treating facial wrinkles, we invite you to share your insights in our comments.

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