Fighting the Free Radicals That Age Skin

antiagingcarreThe postulate that states that the cells of the human body suffer from the signs of aging all because of the free radicals is derived from the free radical theory. It is stated that it is encoded in the DNA in order to make free radicals which have smaller amount of electrons. The loss of electrons itself results to forcing the cells to take from other atoms, which then weakens many other cells. When these weak cells multiply in numbers, many other cells with the same weakness also multiply, which results the body to age.

Collagen, the building block of protein, is initially affected due to this, which then makes the skin acerbic and acidic. Wrinkles, skin cancer, untimely maturation of skin, are the results of collagen damage. On the other hand, the harmful rays of the sun is also the major factor that hastens the free radicals, which can also result to damage of the skin.

In this age, there are practically a lot of products that claim that they can resist the multiplication of the free radicals found in the skin tissue. With the help of technology, major skin products have been produced to hinder free radicals, especially products that contain vital antioxidants. They take in the form of creams and are applied topically to the skin. These products are marketed among women who are informed enough about the harmful effects of free radicals in one’s body. Not only can they counter the signs of aging, but they do well in reducing scars as well. But one must keep in mind that not all brands offer the same type of result. That is why one must always put in mind to always consider the quality of a product before deciding to purchase a certain type of product.

Anit-Aging_Foods_MAINKeep in mind that each topical application of a certain brand¬† has an equivalent half life. therefore, one must be diligent enough to consistently apply these products at the desired areas of one’s body to help reduce the multiplying of the free radicals.

The antioxidants are the key ingredients in fighting off and hindering the oxidation process of free radicals. But antioxidants aren’t only found in creams alone. Some rich source of antioxidants are also vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits in vegetables, which are lutein, vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, lignin lycopene, coenzyme Q10, Alpha tocopherol, flavonoids, catalase,beta-carotene, superoxide dismutase, selenium and glutathione peroxidase.

It must never be denied that a healthy diet also provides enough nutrients that the skin needs in order to develop collagen production. With the help of the right skin care clinic in Lititz, which is a skin care clinic that is knowledgeable when it comes to fighting off free radicals, one would never go wrong indeed.¬† Several institutions also have qualified nutritionist and employed experts who are diligent enough to answer queries regarding combating anti aging. These institutions can be found in several medical spas in Lancaster and central PA. The proper way of taking care of one’s skin doesn’t depend in treating large pores or injection all alone. It should always begin with protecting one’s skin from any harmful free radicals.

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