How to Deal with Balance Problems

vertigo-imbalanceIf you experience dizziness and weakness from time to time, it could be that you have vertigo. Vertigo is the condition that interferes with an individual’s sense of balance. The condition often shows itself when an individual is on the top floor of a building or on top of a ladder. What that person will feel is a nauseous feeling combined with dizziness. Depending on the severity of the condition, a person can have short lived attacks or severe ones that make the person become unconscious and fall to the ground.

However, being dizzy does not always mean that a person has vertigo. Dizziness can be due to emotional imbalances caused by the sight of blood or simply getting up in a hurry. But then again, dizziness is a main symptom of vertigo.

What causes vertigo?

  • Imbalance in the ear

The ears are the organs for balance. This means that if there are problems in the vestibular system, there will be balance problems. The vestibular issues can make a person dizzy or fall to the ground.

  • Low blood pressure

A person can also become dizzy and faint due to low blood pressure.

  • Migraine

Vertigo is also characterized by migraine headaches. The extremely painful headaches can damage the vestibular system of the ears. This leads to balance problems.

How can balance problems be treated?

landingLifestyle monitoring

A healthy lifestyle can prevent vertigo. This means that for you to prevent the condition from developing, you have to drink a lot of water. Water keeps you hydrated and protected from dizzy spells. A healthy lifestyle is also one that is stress-free.  Thus, be sure to manage your stress well.

When vertigo is triggered by sudden position shifts, you have to remember not to stand up too quickly from a sitting position or not getting up too quickly from bed. You also have to eat healthy and limit your intake of salty food. Salt has the ability to lower the pressure in the inner ear, lead to balance problems. Thus, you can benefit from visiting a nutritionist in Pinellas County to create a healthy diet plan to fight vertigo.

Other helpful treatments

Homeopathic remedies are also great vertigo help in Pinellas County. As such, you can turn to a neurological disorders Dr. in Hillsborough to prescribe vestibular suppressant products along with nutritional therapy and balance rehabilitative exercises. The doctor can also provide spinal decompression treatments in his Tampaoffice to chronic back pain patients.

In conclusion, it is important that you look for a dizziness and vertigo Dr in Florida who combines proper nutrition, vestibular suppressants, and homeopathic remedies to give you better chances of finding the solution to your problem.

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