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Lose Weight and Get Rid of Skin Flabs

When someone loses a lot of weight, excess skin is usually left behind, particularly in the abdomen and thighs. This is common among people who lose weight too quickly, about more than 100 pounds in a few month. When skin is stretched too much, it loses its elasticity, and will take some time to gain it back. This is the reason why many obese people use surgery to get rid of theirs when they lose a significant amount of weight.


There are cases where extreme changes to your lifestyle is not the best way for weight loss. Your body becomes accustomed to your unhealthy eating and exercise habits, so rapid weight loss has its downside. Losing only 2 to 5 pounds a week might take longer to achieve your goals, but is usually considered metabolically healthy.

Experts discovered that skin sagging is less pronounced with gradual weight loss. This is done by creating a healthy eating plan and a cardiovascular workout. Combining a well-balanced low calorie diet with daily exercise will help the body adjust to the changes, minimizing the possibility of shock which causes the skin to sag.

As you are trying to lose weight, continue to exercise using specific exercises to tighten the areas of your affected skin. In this case, the easiest way to tone the abdominal muscles is by doing sit ups and abdominal crunches. A combination of squats, leg extensions and leg lifts can help with toning your thighs. To achieve your desired size and shape, continue to eat a healthy diet with the occasional treat, but to never over do on refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. Also, make sure that you drink a lot of water, about 8 glasses a day.

For any concerns about weight loss and sagging skin, talk to your doctor and share your concerns. Surgery should only be considered as last resort to achieve rapid weight loss. There are several risks that should be considered with lap band surgery and it is not recommended for people who are emotionally unstable or have a history of gastro intestinal issues like ulcers and Crones disease. Candidates are adults in otherwise good health that have a BMI over 50kg/m2 and the risks of the procedures are outweighed by the surgery benefits.


A common option for those with excess skin on their stomachs is abdominoplasty. This procedure removes and tightens the excess skin on the abdominal area, addressing the extra skin folds around the back, although it has a long recovery period. There are other procedures called belt lipectomy and body lift that you can discuss with your bariatric physician in Philly and surgeon. The costs for such kinds of procedures can be very restrictive and vary based on the complexity, venue and surgeon.

As you go along with the process of losing weight, consider using some very helpful health tools like an online calorie counter. There are so many calorie counters free that you can easily access right on your mobile devices. Most Philly weight loss centers can give you alternative types of skin tightening procedures in Philadelphia, so you should consider discussing with your health care provider any other options that you have.

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