Non Pharmacological Pain Management: Alternative Ways to Manage Pain

pain-mgmtThere are plenty of people suffering from acute or chronic pain as a result of illness or injury. Pain medications such as narcotics or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are available to control and reduce the feelings of pain. But the constant use of pain medication has very serious adverse effects for those who take them. Pain medication especially narcotics are notorious in causing addiction to the user. Because of this effect, health care practitioners encourage the use of alternative pain management to patients experiencing any pain.

The term alternative in pain management describes ways other than conventional medicine to control or manage pain. Non pharmacological pain management is a means that do not use any kinds of conventional pain medications. There are different methods and techniques that can be effectively used to take the mind off the feelings of pain. These alternative methods have been increasingly used by patients to control pain and manage it.

  • Heat: Warmth will bring blood to the affected area and reduce muscle tension, thus decreases feelings of chronic pain. The use of warm compresses, hot water bottles, and heating pads can soothe those areas of the body that feels any discomfort.
  • Herbal heat-producing products: Patches, creams, and liniments with camphor and menthol ingredients will penetrate under the skin to soothe and relax those tight areas and reduce pain.
  • Paraffin baths: The affected limb is dipped into warm liquid paraffin and withdrawn to form an insulating layer over the affected area. This is repeatedly done until a 5 to 10 mm coating paraffin is achieved. The area with the paraffin coating is wrapped with an insulating material like plastic bag and allows the heat to soak through which helps in relieving pain.
  • Hydrotherapy: Consisting of hot tubs, spas, and whirl pools, this type of treatment releases a vibration of bubbles or constant mechanical motion that aid in the relaxation. The constant mechanical motion acts like a massage that increases bodily circulation and promotes heat distribution throughout the body.
  • Ice: This is most helpful following an acute injury that results in the inflammation of an injured area of the body. Ice acts like an anesthetic that numbs the affected area, allowing the body to heal faster from the inflammation. Inflammation causes pain so reducing the inflammation will also reduce feelings of discomfort.
  • Massage therapy: Used for chronic muscle and upper body pain as well as migraine headaches, massage relaxes tense muscles and promotes bodily circulation. A good massage releases feel good hormones called endorphins, inducing the body to a state of relaxation.
  • Meditation and guided imagery: Aside from relaxing the muscles and easing pain, this method also helps the body to heal. This method helps in focusing your mind away from the feelings of pain and at the same time help you relax tense muscles. Tensed muscles only increase the feelings of pain.

no-painKeep in mind that not all pain management plans work the same way for everyone.  It is important to check with a health care professional before beginning any treatment. A qualified doctor can determine the best approach for your condition and decide if there is a need to change or adjust your current pain management techniques.  It is useful to keep a daily record of the pain levels and discuss this with your doctor.

For people suffering from back pain, there are available non surgical remedies for middle back pain. One of the most common causes of back pain results from spine decompression. There are available spine decompression treatments in Tampa offered by qualified doctors and other health care professionals to relieve pain. Other medical remedies also include treatments for bulging discs in Tampa.

Aside from spine decompression treatments in Tampa, another popular management is also being offered most especially to the elders. Since elders are prone to falls, a fall prevention program is available for use. Another problem that plagues senior citizens is joint pain. For those senior citizens or even younger aged individuals who suffer from joint pain in Tampa, there are plenty of available non pharmacological treatments aside from the traditional medication to ease the pain.

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