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Beauty Mark or Unsightly Mole?

beauty spotIf a mole on your face is positioned just right to enhance your natural beauty (as seen on the face of Cindy Crawford), you surely would not want to cover up that mole with cosmetics or think about having it removed. If that is the case, your mole could be considered a beauty mark. On the other hand, a lot of our clients ask for cosmetic mole removal service and cosmetic laser treatments Conestoga Valley as they find those tiny bumps of melanin unsightly. Some of these patients even have worries that the moles on their faces might become cancerous.

Generally, moles are considered part of your genetic makeup. Moles start as small cell clusters called melanocytes. The density of the melanin in moles is a bit higher than the skin cells that surround the small bump. Moles can appear almost on any part of your body. As such, you can say that they are very common. However, of all the places to get a mole, the face is the part that most people feel self-conscious of. Thus, many patients as for mole removal and even ask if removing a mole will hurt. Typically, facial mole removal, like the treatment for brown spots on face Lancaster, is an easy and painless process.

Mole Removal Expert in Lancaster

Dr. Cohen is an expert in mole removal and is skilled in procedures that treat age spots lasers Harrisburg. After a consultation with you and the examination of the mole you want removed, Dr. Cohen will suggest the most effective treatment to remove your mole as there are several ways to attack the problem. Why? Moles differ in type, size and stage.

beauty mark-moleIs Laser Mole Removal the Right Choice?

In addition to Laser skin mole removal, she may recommend accent thermotherapy as a possible solution. The use of liquid nitrogen may be considered depending upon the depth of the mole and she may often recommend a topical skin rejuvenation cream to speed healing and minimize any hyper pigmentation of the surrounding skin.

If there is a concern about any cancerous or pre-cancerous moles, Dr. Cohen will refer you to a dermatologist. It is always best to start with a consultation to better understand your specific goals and give her the chance to examine the moles that bother you.

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