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Having Gorgeous Legs Requires Hard Work

When the weather allows, anyone would opt to bare their legs than wear long pants. However, showing off your legs will not exactly be a pleasurable experience if you do not love how your legs work. And while there are a few lucky ones blessed with gorgeous limbs, most of us could use some improvement to help us feel more comfortable when wearing shorts or skirts. Below are some quick and easy strategies to help portray firm and sleek legs for the summer season.

legs-282x300For smoother and silkier legs

Dry skin mostly translates to unhealthy skin. Skin that is well-hydrates gives a strong barrier against environmental pressures. When properly moisturized, your skin will look smoother and prettier. Take note of the following tips to fight drying and flakiness.

  • Pick the right moisturizer. Come summer, the skin is naturally hydrated by extra moisture in the air, so you can get by not applying rich creams and use lighter formulas instead. Lotions are a great option as they contain less oil and more water than creams. Put on lotion while your skin is still damp.
  • Do a serious scrub. Unless you exfoliate your skin, even the best moisturizer will not be able to do its job. By exfoliation, your skin will be stripped off of flakes on the top layer of the skin so fresh cells can come to the surface.
  • Soften in the shower. As much as possible, use the newest exfoliating scrubs, body washes and cream oils in the market. They mostly contain a mix of glycerin, petrolatum and oils that will soften and cleanse at the same time.

For fake and fabulous legs

Miracles might not come in jars, but a tube of self-tanner should come pretty close. Aside from banishing a wintery look, a tanner hides imperfections, evens out the tone, and make everything look better. With the new formulations today, applying self-tanners are now easier than ever.


  • Use a tinted version. Formulas that are slightly bronzed will make it easy to see where you have already applied the tanner, along those parts that you missed.
  • Put on regular moisturizer. Your knees, ankles and feet are the dried areas of your body so they tend to absorb extra products. This creates dark sports so make sure that you put on regular moisturizer before you start tanning. Doing so should lessen the amount of tanner absorbed.
  • Tan gradually. If you are hesitant with using self-tanners, tanner lotion hybrids with low doses of color can offer a safer option. They mostly come with a moisturizer so they are harder to make a mistake on. You will see a subtle different after just a few hours after applying, with the color increasing each time you slather it on.

gorgeous-legsFor hiding those veins

Unsightly varicose and spider veins create unwelcome blemishes on the legs. Below are a few ways to minimize their look and help prevent new ones from forming.

  • Do some stretching. If you find yourself stuck in line, stand on the balls of your feet and contract your calves so the blood continues to move. Also, do not cross your legs as it cuts out blood circulation.
  • Pop a baby aspirin. Aspirin thins the blood and improves its flow, taking the stress off the veins. You will usually have to take a dose a day.
  • Cover up with makeup. With the right heavy-duty concealer, you can do a great job of hiding your spider veins. Look for water-resistant and long-wearing formulas.
  • Carefully consider creams. Never expect those over-the-counter cellulite treatment and spider vein treatments to completely erase veins.

When looking for a more permanent solution, talk to your doctor about in-office treatments like sclerotherapy and Tri Active Laser therapy. These should give you the results that you are looking for in a short amount of time.

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