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Make Your Skin Firm with the Power of Radio Frequency


One of the inevitable factors of life is aging. But in spite of this, there are women who age more elegantly compared to others. They always seek new ways to look younger – something that is made quite possible by technological advancement nowadays. Physical exercise and diet are some of the ways that women fight aging while some rely on effort and science. But even with these technological advancements, there are areas in our body that these techniques find hard to remedy. Take face wrinkles for example. They can be hard to conceal even with the use of facial creams, makeup or even modern aesthetic medicine. There may be wrinkle creams in the market that are proven to produce positive effects, but the problem is that the wrinkles always gradually come back. We will tackle this problem by discussing the utilization of radio frequency for wrinkle treatments – a method that is growing in popularity ever since Dr. Oz introduced it this year.


High in demand today are skin tightening treatments that have a short recovery period and do not involve injections, surgery, and pills. One of these methods is the Radio Frequency Method which normally does not require any anesthesia and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to perform. As to how this treatment works, it gradually yet constantly delivers pulses of energy directly to the skin. To the target area, this results to a build-up of heat. The collagen bundles underneath the skin are indirectly stimulated as the heat heightens influencing the growth of fresh collagen cells. The outcome is a tighter, firmer skin and conspicuously reduced wrinkles even after just a few sessions. When going through a skin firming with Pellevé, a warming sensation is often felt by patients during the operation but depending upon the intensity of the treatment, the skin cools down after 30 minutes to a few hours. The treatment stimulates an increase in blood flow and collagen caused by heating of the subcutaneous levels.


To get rid of wrinkles for Newtown, new collagen production and increased cellular activity is your best bet. Being an efficient non surgical treatment for eye wrinkles,, cheeks, forehead, jaw line, mouth area, and other areas of the body, Radio Frequency is preferred by many. Pelleve controls level of radio waves through vibrating water molecules subcutaneously. The heat is produced by the friction caused by the vibration. Tightening and skin firming happen naturally with little side effects as the super heated molecules cool. To produce more lasting effects, this procedure to get rid of wrinkles may take multiple sessions up to six months. There are alternative procedures for skin firming without lasers being needed. Consult your aesthetic medical practitioner for the procedure that is best for you.


Having wrinkles is part of the aging process, more so on areas of the body that are exposed to the sun like the face, neck, hands, and forearms. Prevention is the best treatment for wrinkles.

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