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Take Control of Your Child’s Reading Development

So much of your child’s success in school relies on their development of solid reading comprehension skills. This is a challenge for many parents, though, and even moreso for parents of special needs kids. There are a few unique sets of hurdles you’ll face throughout your child’s school career, but luckily there are special resources that can make the process easier.

Many students struggle to develop and maintain grade-level reading skills. Students who struggle academically for any reason can engage with fun games and puzzles to bolster the following skill areas:

  • Memory: Students are encouraged to learn with memory-testing and building exercises, so that knowledge is cumulative.
  • Auditory Processing: Active listening is an often-overlooked ability that ties into gaining grade-level reading skills.
  • Linguistic Comprehension: Reading comprehensiondevelopment requires students to focus on studying words, their meaning and their context.

It isn’t easy to boost the reading skills of kids when challenges exist, but with engaging materials it’s possible.

What role does cognition play in a child’s reading abilities? Reading comprehension is a far more complex process than attaining literacy. In order to take in, understand and interpret words, students need to have strong mental skills that facilitate the process. For kids with learning disabilities or other disadvantages, the process is difficult, but it is based on a few processes that can be facilitated by strategic mental stimulation. Fast ForWord provides this with a structure that implements the following elements:

  • Intense learning tasks: Students who complete the software’s games and tasks at a higher speed and more frequently achieve better results from the program. The software builds on research suggesting that intense learning exercises facilitates skill-building.
  • Adaptive format: When your students succeeds, the system rewards them with more difficult tasks. If a student continues to struggle, the program will continue working on that topic until it has been mastered.
  • Multifaceted development targets: Students work to improve cognitive function and reading skills at the same time, and the development of each aids the improvement of the other.
  • Time-sensitive motivation: Students are incentivized to work through tasks and master skills as efficiently as possible.

Fast ForWard reading revolutionizes remedial reading education and there are many speech therapists in Somerset County NJ that employ this program into their therapy techniques. Kids will enjoy the fun, seemingly-easy tasks that impart basic skills and, eventually, grade-level cognitive abilities. There’s no reason to watch your student struggle with reading any more. There are tools available to help them succeed, grow and learn.

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