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Stimulatory Fillers and Synthetics for Volume Loss

Years ago, a facelift was the only way to restore the volume of a person’s chin, cheeks and facial curvatures. This is a very complex procedure with the goal of creating a tauter, smoother and more youthful looking appearance. Recovery time was based on the actual work done. Most patients can go about their business in 7 to 10 days with makeup to cover some degrees of bruising and swelling.

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The “liquid facelift” is a marketing term used to describe procedures involving synthetic formulas that are used to restore volume. These procedures use injectable fillers under the skin and between muscle tissues. Following the treatment, the patient will experience some swelling and bruising. But because they are not surgical procedures, downtime is far less. Unlike the actual facelift, liquid facelifts are temporary solutions to replacing lost volume.

Fine lines, wrinkles and scarred tissue that resulted from aging and sun damage are among the most common reasons for patients to seek derma fillers. Thin lips and sunken cheeks occur as a result of aging, elasticity loss and collagen loss. Dermal fillers are available in a number of forms like hyaluronic acids, calcium hydroxylapatite (a synthetic bone-like material) and Scultra (combines synthetic gels with Radiesse. Some of the face that dermal fillers are used on include cheeks, chin, lips, lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), lines around the mouth, and lines between the eyebrows.

Depending on the recommendations of your cosmetic specialist, you might start with a different injectable filler before you progress to neuromodulators like Dysport or Botox. Synthetic gels like Perlane, Juvederm and Restylane are used to fill in fine lines, wrinkles and nasolabial folds around the nose. Compared to more invasive procedures like surgical facelifts, dermal fillers has the following advantages to offer.

  • Because it is an outpatient procedure, it can be performed in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Little recover is needed. In only a short amount of time, you can go back to your normal routine, although you may experience some amount of discomfort a day or two following the procedure.
  • Results are immediately visible, unlike other procedures that will require some healing time.
  • Unlike surgical procedures which usually last longer, the treatment is not permanent. Most dermal fillers like Dysport and Radiesse can last months or even as long as a year.

Most cosmetic procedures might have their own share of advantages, but it cannot be denied that dermal fillers offer many benefits. Dermal fillers like Sculptra Aesthetic can be used by itself to fill in convexities while inducing dermal thickening, increasing collagen production around the injection sites.


They can also be combined with other procedures like laser rejuvenation or surgery to achieve your cosmetic goals. Compared to surgery, dermal fillers are a more flexible kind of cosmetic procedure. Your med spa in the Conestoga Valley can make the necessary adjustments in the dose and number of treatments to give you that perfect balance of firmness, smoothness and naturalness that you are looking for. If you are looking for a quick way to natural looking results with the least downtime, consider getting a non surgical face lift in Lancaster that uses Dysport and Radiesse.

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