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Using Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening

We all know that everybody ages. However, there are women who seem to be better at aging then others. Well, to help the unfortunate ones who have to put up with the signs of aging, proponents of aesthetic medicine keep on searching for ways to hide the signs of aging through technology and surgery. A lot of women deal with the issue through proper nutrition and exercise. Others use a combined solution of science and hard work. Then again, there are just parts of the body that don’t allow easy concealment of aging. For one, facial wrinkles are hard to disguise with a few facial creams, makeup or other advancements in modern medicine. Creams used to treat wrinkles come with lots of antioxidants to fight again. Some of them work, however the wrinkles almost always come back. Then there is the matter of using radio frequency to treat wrinkles.

Today, a lot of individuals want skin tightening treatments that don’t involve any surgery, pills or injections. As such, radio frequency (RF) treatments are getting quite popular. These treatments can take around 45 to 60 minutes. Plus, they don’t need anesthesia. How do RF treatments work? The treatments send electrical pulses of energy to the skin. This causes heat to build up in the target area. The heat increases blood flow to the skin, which in turn stimulates the bundles of collage beneath. The result is the growth of new collagen cells for firmer and tighter skin. Of course, a patient has to seek several sessions of skin firming in Pelleve. It is common to feel some warmth during the application of the treatment. However, the feeling does not last long and the skin will cool down in a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the treatment administered.

In short, if the aim is to get rid of wrinkles for Newton patients, cellular activity must be stimulated in order for new collagen to be produced. This is why RF treatments are gaining popularity as the effective non surgical treatment for eye wrinkles as well as wrinkles on the cheeks, forehead, jaw line, mouth area and other problem spots on the body. Pelleve skin tightening controls the amount of radio waves that create vibrations in water molecules under the skin. These vibrations create friction which generates heat. In the process of cooling the heated molecules, skin tightening and firming are achieved. The process to get rid of wrinkles can require several sessions spanning six months for better results. There are actually other alternatives for skin firming without lasers used. The key is to ask your doctor for recommendations of the right method for you.

In conclusion, wrinkles are part and parcel of aging. However, you can have the earlier if you expose your fact, hands, forearms and neck to the sun on a regular basis. Yes, you can get treatment for facial wrinkles. But then again, if you don’t abuse your skin, you won’t have need for treatments in the first place.

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