Weight Loss

The Good and the Bad of Diets, Hormones and Bariatric Surgery

Managing your weight does not only give you an attractive body. It is also important for maintaining good health all throughout your life. If you are on the heavy side, even losing 10% of your body weight can have a great impact on the way you see life and feel about yourself. As such, when you lose weight the right way, you can definitely enjoy other perks like:

a. Increased energy levels
b. Lowered cholesterol levels for better heart health
c. Reduced aches and pains
d. Better sleep
e. Lessened risk of stroke or heart attack
f. Lessened chances of acquiring Type II diabetes
g. Enhanced physical mobility

Now, if you want to try a weight program, it won’t take too much effort to find one. Why? There are loads of products out in the market to choose from. As such, if you take action over your weight and your life, you will definitely enjoy the benefits that weight loss diets and programs can offer. All you need is acceptance that you are overweight and that you don’t want to stay that way anymore.

To help you decide which program is for you, here is a summary of the good and the bad of weight loss programs.

Diet and Dieting

Generally, sticking to a controlled diet is the most popular form of weight loss program. Some of these diets are:
a. Low-fat diet
b. Low-carb diet
c. Paleolithic and Evolution Diet- natural diet
d. Vegetarian diet
e. Very low calorie diet

The aim of these programs is to control or eliminate entirely specific food groups like carbohydrates. However, one of the diet doctors in West Philly has pointed out the risks involved in losing weight rapidly. In fact, when a person loses weight too fast, he can become malnourished and suffer from a weakened immune system and other severe illnesses.

Hormones and Weight Loss

Human choriogonadotropin or hCG is known as a miraculous serum for losing weight. The hormone was used as a pregnancy tester during the first trimester. Presently, an hCG diet in Havertown is being used and is known as the starvation weight loss program. Patients get an injection of the hormone or made to take a tablet to be placed under the tongue.

When hCG is used as part of a medical weight loss in Newtown, it works in a way that it triggers the hypothalamus. Once the hypothalamus is stimulated, the body is made to release extra fat stores as well as suppress appetite. When the program is used right, some patients lose around 20 pounds in 30 days.

However, hormone therapy comes with risks. First, the substance is artificially made. Plus, it has not received the go-signal of the FDA for weight loss. Then there are reports of severe allergic reactions by people who self-administer the product. But with medically supervised hCG, the incidences are lesser.

Bariatric Surgery

Another way to lose weight on the Main Lane is bariatric surgery. The procedure is also called metabolic surgery. The method has indeed drastically improved a patient’s overall health. For instance, sugar levels are regulated while cholesterol levels are reduced. For patients with serious cases of obesity, a lap band surgery in Philadelphia is recommended.

In the past 5 years, more than half a million people in America went through slap band surgery. However, before you decide to go through such a procedure, you have to talk to a diet doctor in Philly in order to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

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