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3 Ways to Brighten Your Shore Home Kitchen

If you live at the shore or have a summer home there then you probably want it to feel like a peaceful escape. A dark and warm interior may be comforting on a snowy winter night but can feel too heavy for a beach home. Presenting a light and fun environment is key to achieving that relaxing coastal ambiance. One of the focal areas of any home is the kitchen, so creating the right feel there can set the tone for the rest of your house. Below are several ways to redesign this area of your summer sanctuary.

Open the Layout

Summertime is all about light and sun. You want to maximize the amount of light when you consider kitchen layout ideas. Keeping sight lines open to the main living area will help accomplish that. This is especially true if you have a beach view that can be seen from the kitchen. An island can provide necessary storage areas while allowing a more open view. They can also be made to have additional seating areas for your family or social gatherings.

Choose the Right Cabinets

If you are planning on an entire renovation for your summer home then wall cabinets for the kitchen will be one of the major considerations. There are several style directions you can go here but keeping with the light and fun feel is still a key aspect. Going with pure white cabinets will maximize the available light and allow you to add color with other elements. If you want to be a bit more adventurous and add a more coastal vibe then you can choose some shabby chic aqua or pastel cabinets. These will give a bright and fun atmosphere to your home.

Utilize Accents and Decor

If you want to start small and add some summer accents to your kitchen then start with these kitchen layout ideas from Princeton, Somerset NJ homeowners. Add a complementary backsplash to the walls. Glossy tile keeps everything feeling crisp and goes well with just about anything. You can also add splashes of pastel colors using light fixtures, chairs and dishes. Decorations with a beach theme can be a pleasant reminder that this is your shore haven, but don’t overdo it. Too much clutter will detract from the open and airy feel. Look around and be creative – decorating your kitchen space should be as fun as the beach itself.

No matter what the budget is for your shore home there are kitchen design plans for NJ shore houses that will suit it. From decorative accents to full-scale remodels you can have the summer kitchen that you’ve always wanted.

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