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ac unitsThere are required steps as to how to simply clean and prevent air conditioning units from breaking. AC, or what is otherwise termed as Air conditioning, can actually be maintained without any difficulty. But a technician must be able to handle complex issues regarding its repair.

If properly installed and carefully used, air-conditioning units can actually last from seven to fifteen years. Proper installment and configuring of an air-conditioning unit is a very complicated task, one of which the performance and durability will surely affect. Therefore, it is wise for owners to have some background regarding the parts and uses of the equipment.

-Evaporator: Found near the furnace or in the garage, or even in different service site. This is a key part of an air-conditioning unit that requires a number of steps when it comes to maintenance which must be properly followed

-Refrigerant:  Located within the evaporator, this is actually liquid component of the air-conditioning unit. The mechanism behind this equipment follows that the tubing actually circulates warm air through the evaporator coil, which then leads to cooler air flow. The hot air that was absorbed is then released at the compressor’s condenser coil outside of one’s house.

-Sheet metal ductwork: This is the equipment that needs regular checkups and correct insulation in order for it to perform very well. These parts are the most important when it comes to carrying the cooled air into and throughout the house. Maintenance of the ductwork include removing dust and other unwanted particles, which is done by trained technicians who are also required to used some proper equipments.

-Registers: When the ductwork ends with exposure to an open room, these are then placed.

-Tubes and cables: These types of equipment must be regularly inspected and replaced as necessary in order to maintain the air-conditioning unit’s proper function. Usually, an electrical power source that can hold up to two hundred and forty volts is used.

Air conditioning units must be turned off before any maintenance work is done. Simply switch off the electrical disconnect switch near the condensing unit in a metal box. Terminate the two hundred and forty voltages of generated power before start.

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