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Applications of Double Sided Foam Tape

Double-sided, cushioned tape can be used in practically any kind of setting to hang things or keep them in place. Double-sided foam tape has an adhesive surface on both sides and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Businesses who are looking for an affordable mounting solution can use this tape to hang signage and putting together different substrates like metal to plastic without the need for rivets. This tape can be used for high bond applications and offers a viable solution that gives many more benefits compared to other conventional choices.277_zps42648521

the two sided tape creates an easy-to-attach solution for almost any item that requires to be attached to smooth or semi rough surfaces. The foam layer offers cushioning to prevent damage to fragile objects like glass. Also, this kind of tape gives flexibility in less ideal locations where a seamless adhesion is required. The main uses of double-sided tape includes the installation of directional signs, safety signs, posters and other items that require non-permanent fastening. Here are steps on how to use double sided foam tape in some applications.

Double-Sided Craft Tape for Photos

  1. Cut a piece of the tape to the length you desire. Hold the tape taut and place its sticky side along the backside edge of the item. Repeat until you have covered all the edges with tape. Make sure that you do not overlap at the corners.
  2. Peel off the paper liner on every piece of tape to uncover the adhesive. Hold the photo on its edges so you do not touch the adhesive, and flip it over to your desired position in the photo book.
  3. Press on the photo using any flat object to ensure that the adhesive uniformly sticks around the edges.obostrano-lepljiva-traka14

Double-Sided Fashion Tape

  1. Cut a piece of the tape to the desired length depending on the amount of clothing you wish to adhere to your skin. Ensure that your skin is dry and clean. If you are wearing clothes with a plunging neckline and you want to ensure that the top stays in place, the tape should not leave behind any residue on your clothes or your skin.
  2. Hold the cloth taut and slowly put the adhesive tape under the edge of the clothing’s neckline. Lightly smooth it using your finger.
  3. Peel off the paper back to show the adhesive. Position the neckline to your desired position and gently press the tape onto your skin. Smooth the cloth against your skin to adhere it securely.

Double-Sided Mounting Tape

  1. Measure the width and length of the object you wish to mount. Cut short strips of the double-sided tape to fill width and length of the object, leaving small gaps in between the tapes.
  2. Peel off the paper back on one side of the tape and attach the strips around the backside edge of the frame. Make sure that there are gaps between them. Attach them so that they create a dotted line around the frame’s backside.714COHwprvL
  3. Peel off the paper back so the adhesive on all tape strips is uncovered. Hold the frame up and position it against a clean wall. When it is in your desired position, press it against the wall. Gently tape around the frame using a rubber mallet to secure the frame unto the wall.

Today, we are seeing several choices of strong double sided tape for companies to use in improving their merchandise or fastening solutions. If you are looking for a dedicated double sided tape manufacture in NJ, try using Google for your search query. VHB is tape for high bond applications, often used in construction and automotive industries.

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