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Automating Millwork for Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When you think of robotics, probably something along the lines of the Jetsons or Stark Industries comes to mind. It may seem futuristic or only relevant to businesses in the technology sector. But did you know you can also find robotics in the cabinet-making industry? Cabinet companies use robots to improve the manufacturing process, meaning a more consistent, higher-quality product for you.

Millwork Automation

Cabinetry manufacturing requires CNC machining, which involves a computer controlling mechanical tools used in the manufacturing process. One such tool is as a milling machine that carves out designs in solid materials, specifically wood in this case. Robots come into play by quickly loading and unloading CNC machines for faster production times because robots don’t need to take breaks. Other advantages of automating a factory that makes cabinets:

  • Lower costs in all areas of manufacturing
  • Better utilization of materials
  • Improved safety for workers, resulting in reduced workers compensation costs
  • Consistency in final product appearance and durability
  • More floor space available for other operations
  • Increased competitiveness with offshore companies

Contrary to what you may believe, implementing robotics doesn’t necessarily mean less jobs for humans. In fact, it opens more jobs in programming, engineering, equipment maintenance, and management, all of which are more relevant to today’s tech-geared society. The greater productivity also leads to more business, increasing the need for employees.

What This Means for Customers

You may think all of this is fascinating but not important to you as a customer. However, the benefits of automating the milling process trickles down to you, too. When you order new kitchen cabinets, your cost should be lower, and you should receive a precision crafted product in a shorter amount of time. You may also have a better selection of designs to choose from since the design process can also be automated.

What about for custom cabinetry? Does robotics matter when you order a customizedset of kitchen cabinets? The answer is yes. Even though your cabinets may be unique, they require the same fundamental programming, materials and workmanship. Robots are involved in the basic manufacturing and still give you the benefits of a better price than having a carpenter make your cabinets by hand. Computer Aided Design (CAD) has been used for years in the cabinet making industry but plant automation is still a novel concept for smaller and mid-sized production facilities. A kitchen designer is your best resource for a new kitchen cabinet design since most work with cabinet makers in New Jersey that are automated. Robotic technology is applicable to almost every industry, including cabinetry and home improvement products. As you look for a kitchen designer in Monmouth County, ask each company if it uses automated millwork so you can ensure you get the best price and product.

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