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Bath & Shower Trends for 2016

Bath & ShowerBathroom designs change every year, with older designs falling by the wayside and newer trends taking prominence. In 2016, popular designs include metals, tiles and heated floors. There is also an increased focus on technology, and perhaps to balance out the tech-centric effect, many homeowners are incorporating Zen elements into their bathrooms.

Going Zen

For some people, the bathroom is an oasis of calm. To this end, you may enjoy Zen-themed design elements such as standalone tubs, sliding glass doors, fresh tropical plants and stone sinks that lack true corners.

“Smart” Bathrooms

Perhaps you grew up with technology and love the idea of incorporating it into your bathroom whenever possible. On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of technology experience, learning the ins and outs of bathroom technology is a breeze. Do you hate cleaning your toilet bowl? Take advantage of new flush tech that adds powerful and clean oomphs to your flushes. Do you love music? You can connect your smartphone to a bathroom audio system for even more relaxation or for a jazzy start to your day.

Heated floors are another aspect of technology that more and more homeowners want in their bathrooms. If you live in cold regions of the country, you will the spring put back into your step after you get heated floors.

Metallic Appearances

If you are looking for bathroom renovation ideas that help refresh your bathroom’s look for a minimal expense, then metal may be the way to go. For example, just replacing your faucets and shower hardware with trendy metal accents made of nickel or bronze can give your bathroom a great new look. And how about that mirror? A metallic frame could give your bathroom a contemporary look and serve as a focal point. Other ideas include the use of oil brushed metals for chandeliers and light fixtures.

Hello There, Tile

Bathroom tile is, in a way, retro, but trends in 2016 are leading to tile that is anything but retro. Whether you prefer classic, upbeat, creative, quirky or even black & white, you can find tile that is more than up to the job. Be sure to choose dependable tile such as subway tile where water will not hurt or damage the wall you are using as a foundation. If you want tile that is capable of letting other elements of the bathroom take center stage, experiment with slate gray or winter white.

As with any room, you can bring your bathroom designs to a new level by using a focal point. A tub, a mirror or a vanity are examples of focal points as you contemplate your bathroom renovation ideas. Visit a few bathroom remodeling showrooms in NJ for ideas and stop by a home goods store for a piece of art that stands out. A stylish sculpture or painting you fall in love with may fit the bill as a focal point.

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