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Bathroom Designs for Couples: 6 Things To Consider

Your own bathroom should be your own private haven. But it becomes a different story once you live with a partner and start sharing this space with them. If you want your couple’s bathroom to have a stylish yet functional his and hers bathroom design, here are the top six things you need to consider. 

Space availability. Compared with a bathroom for a bachelor or bachelorette, a his and hers bathroom has more design considerations. And for your ideas to come to fruition, you will need to have enough space. 

When you look at great modern traditional bathroom designs, every element has its purpose and is properly laid out. For it to happen, you will need to know the exact dimensions you have so you can come up with a functional floor plan. 

Your needs and non-negotiables. While you as a couple may have common needs and wants — for instance, a smart toilet or a glass enclosed shower — it’s inevitable to have individual non-negotiables. Do you prefer to have separate sinks and vanity cabinets? Do you want to have a heated mirror, so it won’t fog up while someone shaves while the other takes a shower? Considering your personal preferences and listing them down is key to achieving a perfect couple’s bathroom. 

The theme you want. Do you want a natural bathroom designs that are healing? How about a French provincial look oozing with warmth and romance? If you have varying style preferences, do you want to have them combined or opt for a neutral look that’s timeless and easy to renovate? Whichever style you prefer, don’t ever compromise the quality of materials that you’ll use. And to make your bathroom truly yours, don’t forget to showcase the couple’s bathroom decor that speaks to your personality as a couple. 

Bathroom technology. Today’s bathrooms have become more advanced, sophisticated, and convenient. Considering and weighing each other’s needs and wants, you can incorporate several extras in your bathroom design. For instance, you can request heated floors for a cozy feel. You can equip your bathroom with a smart toilet or a shower that lets you control water pressure. 

Storage solutions. Having a his and hers bathroom entails having more need for adequate storage space. For your private sanctuary to be truly relaxing, it has to be free of clutter. This is why when you’re creating a bathroom for you and your partner, you have to be wise with how you’d incorporate cabinets, shelving, and even hidden, technology-assisted storage spaces. 

Your budget. Curious how much a bathroom remodel will cost you? From essential bathroom fixtures to personalized bathroom decor, you have to include all your expenditure in a budget plan. This will help you monitor your spending and prevent exceeding the budget you’ve previously allocated. Because a couple’s bathroom can be considered an investment, you’d want every penny that you spend to be truly worth it. 

Create the Perfect Bathroom for You and Your Partner

Want to create a his and hers bathroom design that fits you and your partner? Tobias Design are bathroom designers in NJ that can turn your ideas and wishes into a reality that’s truly reflective of who are as a couple. They’re an expert in producing modern traditional bathroom designs that marry aesthetics and functionality. 

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