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Bathroom Lighting Helps Set the Mood

Bathroom LightingWhen you are in the mood for some evening romance, bathroom lighting can help set the tone. You may be surprised at how effective just a few changes can be. For best results, keep your lighting designs for bathrooms in mind when you are considering new ways to bring some spice back into your life or when you decide on new bathroom designs.

Lavish Attention on the Tub

For romance in the bathroom, the tub is often your best asset. Residential lighting designers in NJ that we know recommend that you personalize it with touches such as gold-leaf designs. On the wall behind the tub, specialty wallpaper or certain spa like patterns can inject just the right romantic tones. A mirror on the wall behind the tub can also enhance lighting and make the room seem bigger. You could also place elegant lighting such as chandeliers above the center of the bathroom, but first ensure that it is at least 8 feet above the tub and satisfies any building code requirements.

Warm Up the Walls

If your bathroom is small, opt for peach or gold colors on your bathroom walls to create a warm and romantic vibe. If you have a larger space, colors such as chocolate or brick can be effective as accents. For maximum lighting impact, balance your wall color with candle light effects from wall sconces to help give an other worldly feel to the room. These layers make a huge difference.

Lighting in the Moment

Candles are a proven way to set the mood for an evening of romance. In addition to traditional candles that you can spread them around the tub, many home lighting designers can recommend fixtures that produce a similar effect. You can even put floating tea lights in the tub, or use lighting around the bathroom to illuminate flower petals in the water. Of the many bathroom lighting ideas, one popular and effective design is a wall of floating votive candles. For a very reasonable price and a quick stop at a shop, you can build a romantic wall of candles in less than an hour.

Candles aside, you should design your lighting fixtures so that you can make lighting dimmer for a cozy and intimate feel.

Sensual Pendant Light Designs

If your bathroom has high ceilings, pendant lights using specialty LED lighting fixtures have come into vogue. Try a few good lighting stores in central New Jersey for ideas on fixtures with frosted finishes and laser-cut patterns. It is hard to imagine these in online lighting catalogs, so a visit to a lighting showroom may be in order.

There are many ways in which bathroom lighting helps set the mood for a romantic evening. See where your imagination takes you!

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