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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Shore Homes

Beach House BathroomThe ideal beach home should be bright, inviting and peaceful. Whether your beach home is your primary residence or vacation destination, it should feel like you are stepping into an oasis when you walk through the doors. This is especially true for the bathroom, which is a primary room where most people spend at least a portion of their day. If your bathroom currently feels more like a dungeon than an oasis, here are a few bathroom renovation ideas that will transform it into one of the most relaxing areas of your beach home.

  1. Freshen up Your Color

Dark, moody colors were never really in style for beach homes and can make your bathroom look sullen and dreary. Never underestimate the power of color when it comes to shaping a certain mood. If you want your bathroom to take on an ethereal, heavenly look and feel, try painting it in pearly white tones or various shades of off-white. You can also capture the soothing calm of the ocean by painting your walls in light ocean-blue or seafoam green colors.

  1. Set the Mood With Lights

Take a moment to examine the light fixtures in your bathroom. If they fail to elicit pleasant feelings in you, switch them out for light fixtures that set the mood you want. Romantic brass and cream wall sconces that shed warm light are perfect if you want your bathroom to feel dreamy and spa-like, while shiny silver fixtures and crisp white bulb covers are perfect if you want to infuse energy and a feeling of cleanliness into your bathroom.

  1. Focus on the Tub

If you’re not currently in love with your tub or if it just seems wrong in your bathroom, get rid of it. Your tub should be the focal point of your bathroom and needs to have character and appeal. More importantly, it needs to be the ideal place to retreat to and relax your cares away. If you’re looking for old-fashioned charm and classic allure, look for a freestanding claw foot tub with bold brass fixtures. Even simple-looking freestanding tubs can be dressed up when placed on a deep step decorated with customized tile floor work.

  1. Incorporate Warm Woodwork

If you want to add a rustic touch to your bathroom, incorporating woodwork in brighter tones throughout the room is the perfect way to achieve your goal. From flooring to vanities to windows, there are plenty of places you can add splashes of rugged wood to your coastal bathroom retreat.

Track down a bathroom remodeling showroom in NJ or near you to help get a feel for the latest trends. Most good bathroom designs have a foundation in using your common sense and quality products. These simple coastal bathroom renovation ideas are affordable and easy. Best of all, they are effective ways to turn your boring bathroom into the dreamy paradise you always knew it could be.

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