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Bathroom Renovations with a Scent of Citrus

If you are a big fan of essential oils and aromatherapy, then you know that lavender is the champion when it comes to “relaxing aromas”. However, according to new research, another soothing scent is making the rounds in town – the power of everyday citrus. And these calming effects have evidence backed up by science.


Scientists from Brazil had a group of people spend five minutes inhaling any one of three aromas: plain water was the placebo, the fragrance of tea tree oils and the aroma of orange from essential oil. The participants then went through a stressful test while hooked up to devices that were measuring vital signs. Those who smelled orange oil were less anxious all throughout the test. These beneficial effects stayed with the individuals ten minutes after the test was over.

The smell of fresh fruit can do so many amazing things to the mind and body. From what was seen with this study, even one quick smell can make a huge difference. Also, orange is not the only citrus scent that can be an aromatic asset to your health. Based on a study using aromatherapy among patients, experts are saying that citrus scents are often useful when there is a need to decrease anxiety and stress, as well as reducing nausea.


Most citrus aromas were effective in decreasing anxiety. However, please understand that different people will respond to various scents differently, so experts suggest that you should experiment with different smells to understand how you will respond. If you enjoy a particular scent, and it has a positive effect on your psyche, then accept that aroma as part of your aromatherapy tool kit. Below are three additional citrus aromas that you may want to consider and test your physical and psychological response.

Grapefruit: Subjective evidence shows that grapefruit scents can improve memory and assist with depression symptoms. Curbing your appetite has also been attributed to the aroma of grapefruit. Research from Japan has shown that the smell of grapefruit can increase your metabolism and decrease your food cravings.

Lemon: If you are preparing for a big meeting, rubbing lemon balm inside your wrist can enhance your attitude as well as your performance. A faint lemon scent has shown to bring about a positive attitude. One study at the UK found that lemon balm exposure can improve mood and cognitive performance.


Mandarin: Acupuncturists and massage therapists supplement their respective therapies with a gentle scent of mandarin essential oil. Patients who have gone through these aroma therapy treatments have reported less nausea, better digestion and reduced stress, among many other benefits.

If you want to experience the benefits of citrus scents as you start your day, consider incorporating these scents right in your shower. Contact a bath designer in Princeton to discuss giving your bathroom a refreshing citrus scent makeover. Many home renovation professionals offer a bathroom showroom near Hamilton NJ for you to see and perhaps have the aromatherapy hardware installed.

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