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Bathroom Storage That Blends

Bathroom storage is prime real estate that’s hard to find these days. What’s even harder is finding elegant bathroom storage that blends well with your current bath décor. Here are ten bathroom renovation ideas to help you get more storage out of your bathroom in hopes of making your bathroom a more organized and perhaps more stylish.

  1. ocean-themed-bathroomsArmoires. Furniture in the bath is becoming popular and a nice armoire can certainly increase storage. Chose a vintage piece to match your bath décor. Just make sure that you use sealers and stains that resist moisture.
  2. Behind-the-mirror cabinet. This cabinet style has been around for years, but the new ones come with updated features like lighting, both the exterior and interior. There are others with magnetic strips to hold your metallic instruments, and others with modular versions for smaller spaces.
  3. Counter space. If you cannot install any more counter space, place a small shelf or ledge under the window or mirror, or above the towel rack. This might not seem like much, but it gives you a little more extra space to organize your bath necessities.
  4. In-shower shelves. Shelves built into the shower gives you space for shampoo, soap, haircare products and body washes. Other items that can withstand extra moisture can be placed in these shelves. Go with either open shelving or install doors.
  5. bathroom-remodeling-ideasOpen storage. Instead of finding a place for everything in your closet, use some of your stored items as design and décor elements. Roll your towels and put them in a rack or basket, and use apothecary jars to store cotton, balls, cotton swabs, and other small items.
  6. Over-the-toilet organizer. The chunky and unpleasant design of this classic bath accessory is now updated. Today, they come with shelves that are sectioned off to allow easier organization, as well as closed storage areas for items that you would rather hide from view.
  7. Racks and hooks. You can put racks and hooks almost anywhere in the bath. Simply throw your towel on the rack and go. They’re mostly best on the back of the door. Accessories like these can be found in most kitchen and bath showrooms.
  8. Smart vanities. Stylists are now embracing a universal design, which means using bathroom elements that offer both style and storage. While planning, designing and shopping for your bathroom cabinets, make sure that you consider form and function into your bathroom renovation ideas.
  9. master-bathroom-remodel-ideas-master-bathroom-remodel-ideas-18Under-sink cabinets. Under your sink might be a great place to find storage in your bath. Put a skirt around the sink for discreet storage or place baskets for a more open storage. We have seen photos of bathroom designs that use under sink space very effectively.
  10. Vertical space. If you find that you’ve already run out of room, think up. There might be so much more space up higher in your bath where you can hang even just a simple shelf and somehow alleviate your storage problems.

Be creative on how to create more storage space in your bathroom. There are several things that can make your storage look less like a place to store stuff and more like an actual bath design element. Check out these photos of bathroom designs to inspire you with more ideas.

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