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Cabinet Styles and Materials Shaping Trends in 2022

Cabinets are the heroes of any home. When designed right, they can safely store your essential and sentimental belongings while keeping your place tidy, polished, and spacious. As they take up significant visual space, they also offer many opportunities to personalize your house and design it according to your unique style. Choosing modern shaker style cabinets to boldly mixing and matching styles, here are the top cabinet trends and materials that are shaping 2022.

Boost efficiency with open shelving. Nowadays, more and more people are putting a higher premium on efficiency. They want life at home to be smooth sailing — especially in highly functional areas like your kitchen. Installing open shelves allows for easier access to tools that you use every day. It also allows for a visual trick of making your room more spacious.

Make your space cozy with natural woods. To paint or not to paint? This is a common question when it comes to cabinets. In recent years, unpainted natural woods are returning to kitchens — and many homeowners are taking advantage of this trend because it adds a unique sense of warmth to their space. white oak cabinets in the kitchen are particularly popular. They are versatile and have more visible linear graining.

Stay classy with shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets — which have a simple boxy frame — have been around for some time. Today, modern shaker style cabinets continue to appeal to people who want to keep things simple yet aesthetically valuable. The most common versions of these cabinets are white, but some choose other colors (even two-toned ones) to spice things up. Custom kitchen designers love the appeal of quarter sawn oak cabinets.

Segmentize with color blocking. There’s no rule stating that you should remain monochromatic when it comes to the colors of your cabinets. The trend of color blocking is a testament to this. Choosing different colors for your cabinets doesn’t only elevate your space’s style but can also be used to segment different areas. For example, you can have a grey kitchen cabinet color for your kitchen island and off white on your primary wall cabinets.

Mix and match. Mixing things up isn’t only applicable to the colors of your cabinets. You can also mix and match with your cabinet hardware. To break the monotony of white cabinets, add rustic rounded knobs. If you have a huge space with tall cabinetry, consider opting for varied hardware: Your upper cabinets may have knobs, while your lower ones may have short handles.

Add more curves. If you want to take your boldness to a higher level, consider going for contoured cabinetry. It’s modern yet classy and adds a sense of flow to your space. It also ushers in a more relaxed atmosphere. Another great thing about curved cabinetry is that they provide more space inside — perfect for your oversized items in the kitchen.

Achieve your unique needs with customization. Over the years, there’s been a big shift toward cabinetry customization. Instead of buying mass-made cabinets, you can order dark wood cabinets for a kitchen that boast a vertical grain on doors. You’ll also enjoy more freedom in terms of aesthetics.

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