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Choosing the Best Air Condition Unit for Your Business

Unlike residential homes that already come with intricate HVAC ductwork running under floors and behind walls, business sites from older properties will have to decide on how to best incorporate climate control in their buildings without the need of ductworks.

3It would have been easier to install air conditioning systems during the construction phase of a project. However, once the structure is built, it will be difficult to design a system without doing considerable damage on the existing floors and walls. Warehouses that come with high ceilings are much easier if you do not mind the galvanized steel hanging from the rafters and running on the outside of walls.

If you do not mind exposed duct work, then you can install ductless mini split air conditioning units, placing their throughout the whole facility strategically. There are a number of advantages that such systems can do for you and your businesses:

  • Their small size and flexibility makes them perfect for small office spaces.
  • Today‚Äôs newer models are more pleasing to the eye, and are able to blend well in white rooms.
  • You can connect four or more indoor handling units to one outdoor unit.
  • You can just run the air conditioning system in occupied rooms, and switch them off in empty ones.

The efficiency of these systems depends largely on how well the rooms are insulated. If it is poor and cool air is able to easily escape, then you are potentially throwing money out of the window, regardless of the type of system that you use. With this in mind, it would be wise to have a contractor address your insulation needs first prior to installing climate control systems.

Central air conditioning units are a great choice for businesses with multiple rooms and drop ceilings. In such setups, the duct work can be concealed above the ceiling tiles, should they need to be installed. Choosing central cooling units with Energy Star certifications are highly recommended. Look for units with a SEER rating of 13 or higher. Standing for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, SEER is a performance rating for cooling output in a normal cooling season.

2Wise choose the contractor for air conditioner installation in Bristol Township. As much as possible, choose one who had had experience in installing the air conditioning system brand that you wish to be installed in your facility. For instance, a contractor for Goodman air conditioner repairs in Levittown might not be the right installer for a Mitsubishi mini split air conditioner for your Feasterville business.

If your office space is always dry, it could use some moisture added onto the air to improve comfort. In such case, consider having a cool mist humidifier be installed along with your central air unit. When things break down some time in the future, ensure that you have a highly qualified air conditioning repair guy in Levittown that you can easily get in touch with. Have an air conditioner installation company in Bristol Township at your beck and call especially in summer days.

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