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Common Drainage Problems & What To Do About Them

A well-maintained backyard can enhance your everyday life at home and boost your property’s aesthetic and market value. Gardens can be used for many purposes. In it, you can plant flowers, vegetables, and fruit-bearing trees, host intimate gatherings with loved ones, or simply enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. But if you are hindered from enjoying your own backyard by mosquitos. Puddles after it rains or flower beds that are always wet, you may need the help of drainage contractors in Bucks County, to address those common challenges.. 

Signs Of Yard Drainage Issues

According to providers of irrigation repair services we have spoken to, the most common sign that your yard has drainage issues is the presence of pooling or standing water. It indicates that your drainage system is clogged or damaged and unable to perform its job. 

Other signs include the following:

Waterlogged soil can cause the roots of your plants to rot and stunt their growth or worse, cause them to die.

Soggy plants

Overgrown patches of grass in random areas

Water stains found in the foundation of your house

Common Drainage Problems And How To Fix Them

These are the most typical yard drainage problems you may encounter.

Stagnant water. First off, make sure that the water isn’t coming from your house itself. If the root cause is connected to your drainage, then you should seek professional help from a drainage contractor. They can help you fix issues like excessively compacted soil or natural underground springs that may cause extra moisture in your yard. One typical solution is to excavate in or around the affected area, fill it with a soil-and-gravel mixture, and install drainage landscaping capable of absorbing more water than others. 

Inadequate or poor yard grading. More than having stagnant water in your yard, poor soil grading can cause basement flooding that can consequently impact your home’s structural integrity. One solution for this is to install a sump pump. An erosion control company can install a drain that is designed to direct water away from your property and your garden. 

Flood in your patio and yard paths. When your yard isn’t properly graded, it can also lead to patio and path flooding. To fix it, consider using a landscaping contractor near me to install stepping stones to your existing paths to allow rainwater to pass through them and be redirected away from your pathway. You can also install a catch basin, which will facilitate the flow of rainwater from your yard to your underground drain. 

Soil erosion. Erosion in yards is commonly indicated by soil runoff and fissure formations. If runoff water is causing the topsoil of your garden to erode, yard drainage companies recommend adding more hardscape features (e.g., rocks and pebbles) in erosion-prone areas. You can also edge garden beds with gravel to help keep mulch or soil coverings in place. Mulch is used to help retain moisture in the soil.

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