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Complement Your Kitchen with the Right Metal Finish

high end kitchen appliancesThere was a time when the only thing that homeowners worried about when it came to their kitchens was whether or not they had sufficient space to store food away in and the right number of appliances needed to cook with. As time passed, however, people began to realize that the kitchen was much than just a food prep area, but rather the beating heart of the entire home. Thus, style slowly began to catch up to substance in the kitchen, to the point of where today’s kitchen designs focus on form just as much as they do function.

One of the most basic design elements of any kitchen is your choice of metal surfaces. For decades, manufactured steel was essentially the de-facto choice for lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware and thresholds. Unique steel and metal finishes were reserved for commercial kitchens and high end displays. Yet as kitchen styles have evolved, so too has the attitude towards incorporating more metal finishes in their design. When building or redesigning a kitchen today, you want it to present the perfect blend of professional cuisine prep and down-to-earth hominess. Your choice of metal finish on your vent and range hoods or cabinetry hardware goes a long way in conveying that.

Know Your Options

Selecting the best surface for your space starts with understanding your options. The shift towards minimalist design in recent years has placed stainless steel among the preferred choices of kitchen finishes for appliances. Those who really want to replicate the feeling of a professional kitchen love the industrial look that stainless steel offers. If this particular type of material is out of your budget, you may want to consider aluminum or nickel. They’re less expensive than stainless steel, yet provide a similar look. If you’re looking for a more old world look, then copper or bronze may be what you’re looking for. Both are used to infuse a distinctive warm feeling into cabinetry, lighting fixtures and kitchen island designs.

Once you’ve chosen your surface material, the next step is to choose the finish of certain metals. The right finish will put your own unique stamp onto your space. Listed below are the current popular metal finish types, along the style they’re meant to convey:

  • Weathered: Also known as antiqued, this finish makes your surfaces appear as if they’ve been put to good use for years.
  • Brushed: A brushed finish creates the illusion that the material was gently brushed onto the surface by a delicate hand.
  • Polished: If you want your surfaces to appear sleek and clean, a polished finish accomplishes that.

When planning a kitchen remodel, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to maintain the same style of finish throughout. Differing the types of metal finish between features such as your cabinet handles and your range hoods offers a unique visual contrast that draws attention to the individual components of your kitchen, highlighting the styles of your cabinetry and countertops as well as your choice of high end kitchen appliances. This out-of-the-box style choice can also be applied to your bath design ideas and is sure to turn your kitchen into an instant conversation starter.

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