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Connected Kitchens Make Smarter Choices

We live in a world where tedious tasks can be done with just a few taps on a screen or using voice commands with your digital home assistant. For cooking enthusiasts, Smart Kitchen technology is now just as important as the type of countertop you remodel your kitchen with. From the coffee pot to the refrigerator, kitchen appliances have become smarter, more efficient and are more prevalent in kitchens throughout the United States.

Let’s look at some statistics

Grand View Research recently published a study showing that the global market of smart kitchen appliances is worth 9.87 Billion USD in 2019. Furthermore, experts expect this number to grow 19.1% from 2019 to 2027.

Basically, an effective connected kitchen design integrated into your home goes beyond having an Instapot, a coffee maker and Alexa standing by. It appears that a Smart refrigerator has become “The Smart Hub”. Networking that refrigerator with your digital home assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home Assistant is a great step in the right direction in achieving a connected kitchen design that is poised for the future. To pre-heat your oven in advance of your arrival home would require an oven that allows for programming or can receive commands from a mobile app. These modern kitchen design features are already here today and go way beyond a few sleek kitchen cabinets with hidden hardware.  

Traditional Kitchen vs Smart Kitchen

Many of the luxury kitchen appliance manufacturers like Wolf, Sub-Zero and Viking are slower to develop these smart appliances, but they too are making strides to compete with LG, Samsung and Jenn-Aire. The traditional kitchen designer that remains naïve to the advances made in smart kitchen design concepts will find themselves missing out on what homeowners are now demanding for their kitchen designs. Kitchen designers that embrace the technological advances will reap the rewards of new business from younger homeowners that grew up with the digital transformation. 

There are skeptics when it comes to smart kitchens, so we wanted to settle this once and for all. Smart kitchens are for the well to do. Even the humblest kitchen can benefit from a connected kitchen design. Kitchens that have smaller real estate devoted to it are being equipped with smart technology. Nearly 90 million US adults now have smart speakers in their homes. That is one-third of all US consumers. This wave has turned into a tsunami. This traditional kitchen designer has been developing connected kitchen designs that include Alexa for a few years now and believes her motto of redefining design has been enhanced with smart technology.

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