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Contrast Is the Hottest Trend in High-End Kitchen Remodels

In most parts of the country, housing markets are booming. Smart homeowners realize they can use the equity in their houses to improve the overall value of their residential investment. Of course, few renovations are more advantageous than a kitchen remodel. If you are planning to renovate your home’s nerve center, you should think about contrasting colors when planning your new kitchen design. Here are four reasons contrast is the hottest trend in high-end kitchen remodels.

1. Contrast Is Different

Not many things are more frustrating than spending $50,000 or more on a kitchen renovation only to realize your new space looks like the builder-grade project a friend or neighbor already has. Even if you choose expensive appliances, countertops and finishes, your kitchen may not stand out without something more. Contrasting the colors found in your cabinet’s finish and the colors in your countertops is an excellent way to avoid that just-built, mass-produced look that is common in many homes.

2. Paint Is In

Wooden cabinets will probably always have a place in kitchens. Nonetheless, too much wood can appear dark, heavy and dated. By combining painted kitchen cabinets with wooden furniture, you can give your space a more stylish vibe. Try installing painted lower cabinets and wooden upper cabinets or vice versa to achieve a magazine-ready look. If you are married to the idea of having only wooden cabinets, try painting an island or banquette to achieve the contrast you are looking for.

3.Stone Is Hard To Match

With the elegant appearance and resilient surface of polished stone, marble, granite and even manufactured stone countertops have a place in any renovated kitchen. When looking through stone countertop styles, though, you probably notice that most types are varied and colorful. Matching natural variations is often impossible. When you add some contrast to your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about whether your stone countertops and cabinets match. On the contrary, the more the surfaces don’t match, the more modern your new kitchen looks.

4. Buyers Love It

If you want to list your house for sale, you should consider the real estate competition in your neighborhood. When buyers walk through your house, you want them to be wowed when compared to similar homes. A custom designed kitchen in Princeton NJ that looks and feels customized, will help potential buyers do a double-take when they see your home. If you do it right, don’t be surprised if you receive multiple offers from interested buyers.

Remodeling your home with custom kitchen cabinets is one of the smartest investments you can make. By adding some contrast to your painted kitchen cabinets and the stone countertop style you select, you take advantage of the hottest trend in high-end kitchen remodels. Remember, with a bit of contrast, you can likely create the kitchen of your dreams.

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