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Countertops for Kitchen Islands and Peninsulas

When you prepare, cook, and serve meals, you’re heavily reliant on the countertops you have installed. But apart from functionality, the kitchen countertop can also affect the overall visual appeal of your space. This is why if you look at the best kitchen designs, you will notice how much emphasis this kitchen surface feature is given. 

In this article, we’re particularly tackling the best countertops for kitchen islands and peninsulas. 

Corian Solid Surface

Corian’s solid surface is a staple in many articles that discuss kitchen peninsula ideas. Made from a mixture of pure acrylic polymer and natural minerals, this easy-to-install countertop material is popular for its superior durability. 

Corian-made countertops also boast a seamless countertop design. As a result, you can avoid having visible seams that takes away from the aesthetic appeal of your island or peninsula. Also, since it is non-porous, no maintenance sealing is required. 

Corian is stain-, moisture-, and heat-resistant. It can withstand temperatures up to more than 212ºF temperature levels. Corion is extremely sanitary. Cook with confidence as you prepare meals. The material can be easily cleaned and sanitized without leaving behind any residue of perishable food particles. To keep this countertop material clean, you can simply use soapy water or a detergent solution that uses safe amounts of ammonia. 

You also would not have to worry about scratches because its very design can help minimize the appearance of scratches. If a scratch does appear, it can often be repaired with the use of an abrasive pad. 


Quartz is also the go-to choice of many homeowners who want a highly functional kitchen island or peninsula. This material is known for its long lifespan. When maintained well, Quartz countertops can even last a lifetime. 

Like Corian, quartz countertops are also non-porous. Because Quartz is impermeable, it too is stain-resistant and less prone to harboring bacteria and germs. 

When comparing quartz vs corian the lower cost of Corion is often the differentiator. Quartz is one of the more expensive options of man-made countertop materials, and when you are covering a large countertop area on a low budget, choosing Quartz can be the more expensive option. 


When looking for the best kitchen designs in Hamilton NJ, granite countertops are also a popular choice. They are made from slabs of igneous stone, which give their enviable durability and natural appeal. But while they are hard and heat-resistant, they’re still non-porous. Unlike Corian and quartz, they’re more vulnerable to viral and bacterial growth. 

Their appearance is characterized by having graining patterns that add to this material’s unique look. Many homeowners assume that granite often is limited to darker grey color hues. The truth is that this natural material is available in a kaleidoscope of colors. Each vendor would have its own unique inventory of granite slabs and it is best to see the options in person before the stone is cut to your specifications. 

You also have to be careful when cleaning kitchen with granite countertops. You should use soapy water and avoid solutions or cleaners with acidic content. Consult with an eco-friendly kitchen designer for ideas on the proper cleansers to use with granite.

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