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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for The Younger Homeowner

At 25 years old, my daughter and her husband bought their first home knowing there was going to be a little remodeling required in the years to come. The kitchen was one of those areas that needed to be redesigned to their liking. It is not uncommon for younger homeowners to invest in their starter home knowing they were destined to more up within ten years or so.

After taking some measurements of the wall space and appliances currently in their kitchen, they visited Lowes and Home Depot to check out some kitchen cabinetry. What they discovered was that standard sizes of kitchen cabinetry sold in those big box stores was not going to work for their current kitchen arrangement. But they did get a feel for the current trends and got some ideas of what they liked and didn’t like. 

Here are a few of the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry:

  1. Open shelving 

They liked the idea of some open shelving. A combination of closed under the counter kitchen cabinets plus 4-6 open shelves strategically placed is not an uncommon arrangement. There are plenty of advantages to having open kitchen shelving. Open shelving allows this couple to display wine glasses, pitchers and plates. They got some nice wedding shower gifts and thought they might as well show these off. The convenience of open kitchen shelves was also very appealing.

Most of the younger homeowners we have met tend to be minimalists and seek out kitchen cabinet styles that are sleek, clean, and without the finer woodwork found in more traditional kitchens.

  1. Playful colors 

Customizing the color and surface pattern of your cabinets is an effective way to brighten up a kitchen design for younger couples. You can work with a local kitchen cabinet maker to create the sleek kitchen cabinets that appeal to younger homeowners. Older homeowners often choose neutral colors such as grey, yellow, and various forms of green. The younger homeowners tend to be more courageous with splashes of yellows and read. If you want a light atmosphere in your kitchen, then we recommend a combination of colors that include a few bursts of color. 

  1. Honey Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak wood has been the staple for kitchen cabinetry for all generations. We has seen a departure to use hickory and pine during the 1990’s but most local kitchen cabinet makers have returned to using oak in recent years. Not all oak cabinets are the same. You can choose a modern simplistic look or a more traditional rustic kitchen look by using lighter color stains and clear urethanes. The great advantage of oak wood for kitchen cabinet design is its durability and availability. The material lasts a long time and is slower to show signs of wear and tear. It is also quite beautiful. If well designed, your oak wood kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen radiate with elegance. 

Redesigning your kitchen is a serious undertaking. If you are a younger homeowner planning for a family, you may want your kitchen to be child friendly and easy to clean. But most younger couples like to entertain in their homes as well. The modern kitchen design photo gallery shows off some sleek cabinetry designs and open shelving is what many younger homeowners appreciate.

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