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Custom Panels for Modern Kitchen Upgrades

There is a huge cover-up going on in chic, stylish kitchens across the land. The cover-up was thought to be a trend fueled by modern manufacturers, but hiding kitchen appliances with custom appliance panels may be one of the biggest design successes in the last decade. Dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, and even televisions have become sight-unseen workhorses as they meld into the surrounding cabinetry. Because of this design change, kitchens are beginning to look sleeker and more streamlined.

How Did Hiding Appliances Begin?

With an eye for hiding what can be the biggest unsightly appliance in the kitchen, designers found that by applying custom appliance panels to the fridge, not only did it hide the fridge’s mass, it made the wall of panels more eye-catching and appealing. As cabinetry expanded over the whole area, kitchen appliances that blend into their surroundings became more the norm in upscale kitchens. Integration is more sophisticated with its clean lines than the outdated older appliances that drew attention away from the rest of the kitchen with their dull white appearance.

Why Hide Kitchen Appliances?

Consumers may choose to update and renovate to an ultra modern, contemporary, country, or old-world kitchen and fill it with shaker, inset, distressed, or beadboard style cabinet doors. Hiding the appliances with custom appliance panels often provides an elegant, yet artsy vibe so loved by kitchen designers in Hamilton NJ. The beautiful lines of the stylish panels expand the kitchen because the cloaked appliances don’t chop the room into pieces as the eye wanders over it. Besides making the kitchen appear much larger, the panels also allow the countertops and floors to become participants of the kitchen’s show.

What Else Can Appliance Panels Do?

For homeowners renovating guest houses, summer cottages, or luxury apartments, thinking outside the box with cloaking panels may allow chic design without requiring a sacrifice of style. Small appliances such as refrigerators or wine coolers can be hidden under cabinets, double as an island, or even cloak themselves into waist-high room dividers. They can also be concealed as end tables and mystery boxes in bedroom suites, finished basements, man caves, and exercise rooms.

Are Appliance Panels Another Trend?

Choosing to upgrade and modernize kitchens with kitchen appliances that blend is a trend that has been around since 2005, it is a design feature that allows for sleek, classic lines to extend from the rest of the house into the kitchen. For consumers looking to leverage custom appliance panels, look for designer kitchen design ideas to help create a showplace kitchen.

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