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Designing a Galley Kitchen Can Be Fun

Do you want to transform your kitchen into a space that is more efficient? Galley kitchens in suburbia where homes are smaller than 2000 square ft are very popular. The term “galley” came from kitchens on ships and airplanes where efficient use of space is important. Today, galley kitchens are simple with one or two wall designs that maximize space in homes. They are installed when the builder is attempting to maximize living and dining areas and are often built with two primary walls in an I-shape. They can also be designed in an L-shape or U-style.

GalleyKitchenRemodel-KatieHastingsDesignModern updates to these kinds of kitchens are usually to help keep items off countertops, with the drawers and cabinets continually installed next to each other in a line. Smart storage is a key to a properly designed galley kitchen. The use of stylish and unique ways to help organize storage space while improving kitchen aesthetics takes a smart kitchen designer with cabinet design experience. Storage examples include vertical storage of wine bottles in wall racks or installing a narrow chiller under the countertop. What’s fun with designing galley kitchens is that homeowners can use their creativity. There are so many ways to modify the kitchen layout to create a stylish and efficient small kitchen.

What are the benefits of a galley kitchen design?

Compacting the kitchen space into a small space can free up space for family rooms, dinette areas and make food production more efficient. Simple design changes can make cooking easier, as everything that you need to make and prepare a meal is within arm’s reach; you do not have run to different areas of your kitchen to get tools and ingredients. It is necessary that the kitchen is designed vertically. Hanging racks holding pans, pots, dishes, and many others, are usually installed. This way, there is less clutter in the cabinets and countertops, further increasing storage capacity.

make-a-small-kitchen-look-larger-ygieHow can I make my kitchen space look bigger?

Thanks to today’s new innovative designs, this kind of kitchen layout can be made to look bigger than the actual space. Interested in a few tips to make the space look even bigger? For one, choosing reflective and bright colors will help open up the space. When light is bounced around the room, the guest’s eyes can be tricked into moving around the room, creating the illusion that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is. Here are some suggestions that can help you create this effect:

  • Opt for steel appliances for maximum light reflection
  • Choose reflective material for refacing drawers and cabinets
  • Use glass tile backsplash all around the kitchen
  • Install glass windows on cabinet doors

These are just some suggestions that you can use to bounce light all around the kitchen. The resulting effect should go a long way in improving the perceived size as well as the aesthetics of your galley kitchen. You can remodel a galley kitchen just like any other kitchen, although there are a few exceptions. When designing a galley kitchen, keep in mind the following things:

  • extraordinary-small-galley-kitchen-designBe frugal on space. Breakfast bars, kitchen islands and other similar things will require too much space. Keep your galley kitchen design basic: lower and upper cabinets, refrigerator, counters, stove or oven, sink and dishwasher.
  • Dishwashers clean plates. Big farmhouse sinks or those sinks angled at 45 degrees will only waste space. Opt instead for scaled-down sinks, keeping them parallel with the counters. Plan on using the dishwasher for cleaning plates, pots, glasses rather than hand washing.
  • Use creative space-saving ideas. Push kitchen cabinets all the way up to the ceiling to maximize storage space. However, this can create an imposing presence. If storage of small appliances is needed, pull the cabinets down to use the space above the cabinets. Roll-out shelves and lazy Susan’s can utilize the space at the back of cabinets.
  • Consider blocking a window off. This is a painful decision you might have to make. If a window does not give enough air and light, and if you need cabinets, install a drywall plug over the window and run the cabinets’ across the window area.
  • Use neutral and light shades. Again, lighter tones will make a galley kitchen look and feel bigger. Use brighter shades on practically everything in the kitchen, including the cabinets, counters, wall paint, floors and even appliances.

With the right techniques, it is possible to design a highly functional galley kitchen. Some of the best small kitchen designs and designer kitchen design tips come from using a professional kitchen designer in New Jersey of the region you live in. Calling a professional will ensure that you end up with a highly efficient small space where you can do all your cooking and food preparation with ease, with a style that you can proudly show off. Talk to a small kitchen designer Somerset NJ today to help you.

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