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Easy and Stylish Ideas on Renovating a Large Bathroom

If you are someone who loves to bask in the solitude and tranquility of your bathroom, having a big bathroom can have its benefits. With all the space, you can have more freedom in accessorizing it with fixtures and cabinets that will create such an ambience. It also allows for more creativity, although you need to ensure that you decorate your bathroom primarily focused on functionality. To have a big bathroom with both style and function, start with dividing the space into the dry zone and wet zone. Do not forget to consider the shape of the bathroom so you can use its structural features to the fullest advantage. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Choose a color theme. The color of your bathroom will largely depend on your taste. Do not be afraid to use color combinations out of your comfort zone like bolder hues or reds and blues. Go to a paint store and ask a specialist for his opinion on good color combinations.
  • Use functional accessories. Your bathroom could use accessories so it can be more friendly and functional to its users. Think of storage space and the items you want to keep in it like bath towels, robes, and beauty and pharmaceutical products that you consistently use.
  • Add a vanity set. Pair the vanity set with an armoire where you can store your washcloths and towels. To maintain some amount of consistency between your bathroom and bedroom, but your vanity set together with your bedroom furniture.
  • Have a sitting area. This can be a convenient place for you to rest, or your child to sit on while talking with you as you prepare for work. It can be a small chair or a chaise lounge. If you still have space, complement it with  table.
  • Provide proper lighting. Install ceiling lights in area that need highlighting. Determine those areas where various tasks are usually performed and map out the illumination requirements. Recessed light and wall scones work very well in bathrooms.
  • Choose non-porous materials. Ceramic tiles, carved stones and glass work well in bathrooms because they do not absorb moisture. Choose one with colors and patterns that match your space. Also consider adding plants to add color and vitality to your bathroom.


  • Install mirrors. Install mirrors beside your vanity sink as well as your sink. Consider getting a full length mirror behind you door. When placed in the right spots, mirrors do a great job of making your space appear and brighter.
  • Give enough storage. Avoid clutter by putting storage areas like wall cabinets for bathrooms in where you can keep your toiletries, cosmetics, bath towels and cleaning materials. This will help you have a more organized bathroom.

For more bathroom renovation ideas for big bathrooms, check out kitchen and bath showrooms near Princeton. You should find reputable bathroom designers who are willing to give you a few bath design ideas in Pennington. Also try browsing online for good bathroom designs that will fit your particular bathroom space and design.

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