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Expert Installation Techniques for Landscape Lighting

Good lighting can make a landscape design more alive at dusk and nighttime. A well-lit garden adds a wow factor to your home and boosts its resale value. This is why it pays to have the right landscaping company by your side whenever you’re embarking on a landscape installation or renovation project. 

How Landscape Lighting Is Installed

A lighting designer typically comes after the landscaping installation work is done. This makes it easier for the landscaping lighting professionals to perform their job and bring your ideas to life. We do recommend that any wiring work be installed under the hardscaping work or grass before the landscaping company in Langhorne leaves the jobsite. It is best to have the underground wiring installed before mortar sets and grass seeding is performed. 

If you want to have recessed lighting accentuate your exterior’s best features, professional landscape lighting companies can drill a concrete core in your driveway to install this type of lighting design. The core usually measures five inches in diameter. However, if the architectural features you want to highlight are yet to be built, lighting professionals can also work by pouring concrete in small amounts. This will save you money because no extensive drilling is required. 

If the landscape is a newly built one — meaning, the plants and trees are not yet tall and strong — lighting experts install the lights on soffits and gables (if your garden has one). They also use bulbs that draw a minimal wattage as these can affect the growth of your plantings. These lights are also installed at the right angle so that the trees and plants can be artistically lit. 

Why Hire A Lighting Expert

There are different factors to consider when lighting up your yard. You also need to have a different set of tools. To help you out, hiring one of those professional landscape lighting companies in your area is highly recommended. Here are more reasons why. 

You can tap into their knowledge and experience. As in any other industry and area in life, experience is the best teacher when it comes to lighting landscapes. The installation itself is already complex. You’d need someone knowledgeable and experienced to get the job done right and cost-effectively. 

You gain access to high-quality resources. When you enlist help from a landscaping company in Langhorne PA, you also get access to their network. This network includes on-site technicians and suppliers of landscape lighting products and accessories. A reliable business is someone who’s able to outsource the things you’ll need for the project and ensure that they’re of superior quality. 

You get to transform your ideas into reality. The results of using a professional landscape lighting expert will boost your curb appeal. The landscape lighting design you decide on should reflect your personality and complement the look of your home’s exterior. 

You can spend your time and money smartly by choosing landscapers in Newtown that also have skills as outdoor lighting installers. Doing home improvements DIY-style — including incorporating a suitable lighting design into your garden — is laborious and expensive. If you want to avoid costly mistakes, hiring a pro is key. Do yourself a favor and find a few professional landscape lighting companies Near Me and invite them to quote on your installation project.

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