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Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Try Today

There’s a certain kind of warmth, coziness, and approachable appeal that you can find in farmhouse kitchens. A farmhouse kitchen design is typically characterized by using natural materials like local hardwood and the spaciousness of countertops and sinks (which are meant to accommodate generous family meals). Farmhouse style kitchens also feature vintage kitchen accessories and country decor. 

If you ask any professional kitchen designer in NJ, a farmhouse kitchen’s inviting atmosphere makes it popular among many homeowners. For homeowners who spend most of their time in the kitchen, it’s particularly appealing because it offers a serene space where they can prepare hearty dishes for their loved ones. 

But how do you design a kitchen in a farmhouse style? Here are a few design ideas you can try. 

Stick with a neutral color palette. If you go to any designer kitchen and bath showroom and ask the kitchen designer about farmhouse style colors, you will notice the dominant colors are off whites, wood tones, earthy yellows, rustic reds, browns and black. A combination of these makes for a homey kitchen atmosphere. 

Consider wide plank floors. Because flooring commands plenty of real estate f in your kitchen, your choice of flooring system is critical to making or breaking your farmhouse style kitchen design. The most commonly used floors for this type of kitchen are distressed wide wood plank flooring per this kitchen planner in New Jersey. The hue of the wood and material (it can be pine with a pale wash or walnut hardwood) depends on the overall color scheme of your space. Dark wood cabinets with light wood floors are a great look.

Invest in reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has its own appeal. And it fits right into the aesthetic of a farmhouse kitchen. You can use reclaimed barn wood for your table, chairs, and shelving. 

Throw in a few rustic cushions. Communal seating is another charming feature of a farmhouse kitchen. And if you’re working with a professional kitchen designer in NJ, you’ll probably get this advice: Make your benches and chairs feel more comfortable and look cozier by investing in some fabric cushions with rustic red and brown colors for that bench. 

Incorporate open shelving. Another noticeable feature among farmhouse kitchens is exposed shelving. This doesn’t just make certain kitchen items more accessible; it also gives you a chance to showcase vintage kitchen accessories and dinnerware. 

Install a real farmhouse pantry. To add some farmhouse authenticity to your kitchen, you should definitely consider adding a farmhouse pantry to store your kitchen supplies, ingredients, and dry goods. For storage, consider baskets and apothecary jars displayed on your shelves. You can also add a cottage ladder if your space permits. 

Choose a deep and wide sink. As initially mentioned, farmhouse kitchens tend to accommodate large meals. We remember doing a farmhouse kitchen with stainless steel appliances that had a copper farmhouse sink that was custom made that became the talk of the neighborhood. 

These little accents are also found in the form of cabinet and door hardware and lighting fixtures. 

Brushed bronze and iron lighting fixtures can set a nice country tone in your kitchen. While a farmhouse kitchen design may be abundant in natural light, at nighttime it gets dark on a farm. Many farmhouse kitchens use metal for their lighting fixtures. As stated above, kitchens with this charming interior design style have plenty of rustic accents. And there’s no better way to showcase that than through your overhead lights. 

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